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J.A.M. Limited - Aqualarm Leak Detection

Aqualarm - Refrigerant Gas - Leak Detection

J.A.M have been designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of water leak detection, and environmental monitoring systems since 1982.

With the wealth of knowledge gained, J.A.M. can guide you through the design process, manufacture the products and carry out the installation to the exacting timescales of the contracting process and program, also supporting the product and Client with after sales service and preventative maintenance contracts for years to come.

The Aqualarm leak detection alarm systems provide monitoring for water, oil, refrigerant gas, as well as overflow and liquid level montoring and changes to temperature and humidity.

iZ-T25 Touch Screen Control Panel Model

The i-Zone Touch Control Panel is suitable for wall mounting. It is constructed from mild steel, and has a durable powder coated finish. It features a 7 inch full colour LCD Touch screen, and is capable of monitoring the full range of ‘Aqualarm’ detectors for water, fuel oils/chemicals, temperature, humidity, refrigerant gases and 2 x pulsed flow meters for incoming mains water supplies.

The Control Panel can store up to 5000 events logs, which are protected by a non-volatile memory .The system has an automatic Daylight saving setting to change times twice a year in line with UK protocols. This can be deactivated for export models.

The system is fitted with 2 x sealed rechargeable lead acid batteries to support the system in a mains power down/switch over periods. When power/mains are reinstated the system will automatically restart.

i-Zone Mini Control Panel

The i-Zone Mini Control Panel is suitable for wall mounting. It is constructed from mild steel, and has a durable powder coated finish.

It features an LED display which can monitor up to four water detectors, either as point, cable, overflow, or float detection. Each zone LED will illuminate green if a detector is connected, and clear of alarms. In an alarm condition the LED will change colour to indicate the type of alarm being received, and a 70dB audible alarm will activate.

Panel LED’s also indicate if the panel is running on Mains or Battery. Features of the Control Panel include a MUTE, and RESET button. A maximum of 100/m of network cable can be connected per zone.

CDBi-485 Zone Detector Module

The Aqualarm CDBi Zone Detector Module is made of a purpose-moulded ABS box, housing the electronic circuitry. At one end of the Module a locking line socket is fitted to enable connection of the detecting cable. The other end is fitted with glands for connection to the PCB. A red LED is incorporated in the top of the Module. The red LED will glow to indicate an alarm condition. Alarm status and monitoring is via a Network link to an i-Zone control panel.

  • Zone detector module for connection to detecting cable
  • Manufactured from rust proof and hard wearing ABS plastic

CD-X Detecting Cable

The Aqualarm water leak Detecting Cable is comprised of two flat tinned copper braids separated, and protected, by Helegaine self extinguishing nylon 66 sleeves. This type of configuration gives protection to the sensing cores against dust, other types of conductive contamination, and mechanical damage. The cable is available in modular lengths of 1, 2, 5, and 10/m.

  • Detecting cable for all models of control panel
  • Locking plugs and sockets for a secure connection
  • For connection to Detector Modules and Locating equipment

STDi Point of use Water Detector

The STDi Point of Use water Detector is comprised of TWO components, the detector module and the point detector, connected together via a 1m jumper cable. Both the Detector Module and the Point detector are manufactured from STAREX General ABS (SD-0150) plastic. The Detector Module houses the electronic circuitry and the Point Detector houses the gold plated detection pins. Alarm status and monitoring is via a Network link to an i-Zone control panel.

  • For use within Plant rooms and other solid floor areas
  • For detection of conductive water

ZLM-50 Zone Locating Module

The ‘Aqualarm ZLM-50 Zoned Locating Module is made of a purpose-moulded ABS box, housing the electronic circuitry.

The Zoned Locating Module generates Pulsed Echo Radar signals, which are transmitted along the entire length of the Leader, and Detecting Cables. When any change in the characteristics of the cable, whether water detected or open circuit, occurs, these are compared to pre-programmed limits and when these limits are exceeded, an alarm signal providing the meterage reading accurate to +/- 1 metre, will be sent to the ‘Aqualarm’ Touch control panel.

  • Power to the ZLM-50 is generated via the ‘Aqualarm’ CAN network
  • The ZLM-50 can only be used within a network-designed system connected to an i-Zone Touch control panel

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Touch Screen Control Panel - Model iZ-T25 i-Zone Mini Control Panel CDBi-485 Zone Detector Module CD-X Detecting Cable STDi-485 Point of use Water Detector

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