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Eurovac - Vacuum Drainage Systems

Vacuum Drainage Systems - Vacuum Toilets - Vacuum Pumps

Eurovac is the sole UK agent for Evac Vacuum Systems, which were first introduced more than 40 years ago in building applications. Evac’s vacuum technology has proven to be a winning combination of reliability and durability. The Evac vacuum toilet solution minimises the use of fresh water for toilet flushes. At the same time, it offers you ultimate freedom of piping design. Additionally, the reuse of grey water contributes to a small water footprint at your building.

Today Eurovac is the premier supplier of vacuum systems to the UK Building and Industrial markets, with most major supermarkets using Evac Systems. Over 150 buildings in the UK are now equipped with a vacuum drainage system, from space age hotel concepts such as Yotels, high-tech laboratories like Diamond Light Source and everyday office blocks for Vodafone to special buildings like St Pancras International Railway Station and Heathrow T5.

Benefits of the Evac Solution

For building designers:

  • Increased design flexibility
  • No requirement for soil stacks or vents
  • Pipes can be routed over & around obstacles
  • Manufactured to European Standard ISO 9001 with BBA Certificate
  • Opportunity for designers to earn BREEAM points for new buildings

For building owners:

  • Less water required (only 1.2 litres per flush) = savings in water costs
  • Less need for fresh water production, water treatment & storage
  • Increased planning options
  • Increased hygiene & better air movement in sanitary facilities
  • No need for piping ventilation

For supermarkets:

  • Flexible design & easy adjustment of future store plans
  • Short construction schedules with minimum customer disruption
  • No concrete & tile work when relocating or adding display cases
  • Lower costs compared to under slab gravity waste piping
  • No blocked drains & odours from under slab waste piping
  • Quick & easy last-minute floor plan adjustments
  • Safe, reliable & easily maintained waste collection system

Vacuum Toilets

The Evac Vacuum Toilet looks like any conventional toilet, but instead of relying on gravity it creates a powerful vacuum to flush the toilet. Water consumption is very low – only 1.2 litres per flush. Because the operation is pneumatic, no electrical connections are needed. However, the Evac Vacuum toilet for buildings is no noisier than a conventional gravity WC.

Vacuum Interface Units

The Vacuum Interface Unit allows standard sanitary items such as showers, basins, washing machines etc to be connected into the vacuum drainage system. The interface units can come in varying shapes and sizes depending on the type and quantity of water to be collected. Just like the vacuum toilet, there are no electrical connections required.

Vacuum Collection Units

The Vacuum Collection Unit creates the vacuum for the system and is the only part of the system that consumes energy. It consists of a vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, discharge pump and operating control panel. The size and number of tanks and pumps depend on the size and type of the project, number of toilets, frequency of use, etc.

Vacuum is not just for Sewage - Vacuum Food Waste Collection

A growing source of waste in the western world is from food, and all food waste must be managed. We all do this in our personal life by separating our waste food matter in our homes and relying on a dedicated council collection to remove this. We all believe it is the correct and environmental thing to do. But doing this on a commercial scale in restaurants, kitchens and food hall complexes produces a new set of challenges.

One of these is getting all the food waste from several areas of the building to a central location for collection. This is where vacuum plays its part once again as an efficient medium for conveying waste. Using our expertise gained through our experiences in 50 years waste transfer in the transportation and building sectors, the Bvac brand offers the vacuum food waste collection system.

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