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Uniflair - Close Control Air Conditioning

Air Cooled Turbocor Chillers - ASHRAE guidelines - Intelligent Free Cooling - Optimisation Management

Energy & Cost Saving

Energy saving and engineering excellence are the hallmarks of Uniflair’s latest generation of stylish air conditioning units and precision water chillers, designed for the cooling of comms rooms, co-location and data centres, UPS rooms and any environments which need year-round precise control of operating conditions, 24 hours/day.

Air Cooled Turbocor Chillers

The latest innovation from Uniflair is the BCEC air cooled chiller series, featuring oil-free variable speed Turbocor compressors with magnetic bearings. ALL models are available in BCEF free-cooling version, for energy savings that set the new benchmark in this sector, taking advantage of the double benefits of free-cooling reducing the load on the refrigeration circuit which then puts the Turbocor compressor into its highly efficient part load operation. Unlike many rivals, Uniflair has not opted to simply adapt an existing chiller range to fit the Turbocor, but has spent considerable time and resources to develop a completely new range to take full advantage of the benefits of this innovative compressor, while at the same time ensuring dependable operation even in demanding ambient temperatures.

Leonardo HDCV High Efficiency CRAC Units

Welcome to the latest generation of high efficiency chilled water downflow units from Uniflair. As the size and heat load density of hyper-scale data centres continues to grow, so does the Uniflair range. Chilled water downflow units now available from 5kW to 300kW and all frame sizes have at least two coil options to suit both cooler legacy temperatures or latest generation high temperature operation on both air and water side. With a separate fan deck, suitable for location above or below a raised floor, these stylish units offer maximum capacity and efficiency from the smallest of footprints, freeing up valuable additional white space within the data centre. Designed specifically for the modern data centre with performance optimised at elevated temperatures in line with the latest ASHRAE guidelines, and combined with cutting-edge composite fan technology, the HDCV range offers up to 50% fan power savings compared to conventional downflow units.

Chillers With “Intelligent Free-Cooling”

Built to the same high standards as the precision air conditioning units, the chiller range is equally well-suited to 24/7 or other applications where reliability and energy efficiency are key. All critical chilled water systems will require a standby chiller to ensure the necessary levels of resilience are maintained at all times. For chillers from 40kW up to 1.7MW, Uniflair has created “Intelligent Free Cooling” which allows the free-cooling potential of any standby chillers to be utilised without compromising the resilience levels of the system. Uniflair Intelligent Free-Cooling maximises energy savings whenever the ambient temperature is below the chilled water return temperature, including:

  • 10% reduction in main pump size (intelligent free-cooling pump fitted on-board)
  • Up to 90% additional free-cooling from any “Intelligent” standby chiller
  • Optional integral Adiabatic system providing free-cooling from higher ambient temperatures and significantly reduces overall energy consumption

Optimisation Management

Not only are the individual air conditioning units and chillers market leaders in terms of energy saving, Uniflair goes further in offering innovative solutions for their management and control as part of complete systems. For example, in a chilled water system with Uniflair Master Control, a tracking logic follows the heat load and varies the chilled water temperature dynamically to maximise operating COP and extend the periods in which free-cooling is available.


With 30,000m² of production facilities, a Research Centre comprising 8 climatically controlled test labs over 2000m² and over 5% of turnover (non-profit) re-invested into R&D, the company philosophy is one of continual technological innovation to keep the Uniflair range of products at the leading edge of the market. The Research Centre provides the facilities to test and develop new products and components as well as allowing in-house client witness testing for the complete product range. The entire management and production systems are certified to ISO 9001 quality standard and have ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Close Control Air Conditioning

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Turbocor Chiller HDCV High Efficiency Downflow Unit Research Centre

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Uniflair Free-Cooling Turbocor Chiller;
Uniflair HDCV High Efficiency Downflow Unit;
Uniflair Research Centre

Uniflair Limited
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