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nVent RAYCHEM - Trace Heating Systems

Hot Water Services - DHWS - HWAT - SaveWatt - ACS-30 - Trace Heating - FrostGuard - RayStat

Hot Water Services Engineering in Today’s Environment

Building Engineers actively seek opportunities to reduce energy and increase use of renewable sources of energy. Energy savings in centralised hot water distribution systems are a critical focus for designers as a means to reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

Traditional hot water distribution throughout a building is the ‘flow & return’ system of re-circulated Domestic Hot Water Systems (DHWS).

The return pipework is the means to get the water back to the water heater to be reheated. This cumbersome solution adds significantly to the system heat losses, increasing overall inefficiency of the system. The increased pipework requirements add to the amount of building materials required, putting additional constraint on packed roof voids and risers whilst adding cost and waste.

The nVent RAYCHEM Hot Water Temperature Maintenance system (HWAT) offers a simple, proven, energy-efficient replacement for re-circulated DHWS.

Rather than re-circulating the cooling water to be reheated, HWAT compensates for the temperature loss in the pipe removing the need for return pipework, fixings and insulation, whilst removing the energy losses of the return pipework.

Because of the heat loss compensation, the redundant return pipework makes way for other vital building services. HWAT delivers quality hot water where needed in the most efficient way and reduces material waste associated with older re-circulating methods.

An intermediate hybrid system set up is possible where nVent RAYCHEM HWAT is applied on branch lines providing immediate hot water at the tap without long waits or wasting energy or water. The system complements the recirculation system on the main lines by ensuring consistent hot water temperatures up until the last meters of the run out pipes. nVent RAYCHEM is proud to offer CIBSE approved training for Single Pipe DHWS solutions.

nVent RAYCHEM SaveWatt: Modelling the Energy & Cost Benefit of a Single Pipe System

nVent provides a FREE OF CHARGE system comparison based on specific project data. Let us prepare a detailed real project comparison between re-circulating and single pipe hot water systems.

Contact us for more information.

Increasing Building Safety with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Cables for Pipe Freeze Protection

Successful fire safety design requires an understanding of fire source, smoke movement, heat transfer to the building structure, detection, human behavior and toxicity. These requirements must also comply with industry regulations and regional standards. Although heat-tracing applications are a small part of the overall building material mass, their performance in the event of a fire should not be overlooked..

RAYCHEM’s new pipe freeze protection self-regulating heating cables offer full LSZH protection and provide:

Unparalleled building safety

  • Up to 90% less smoke emissions: IEC 61034-2 tested & compliant
  • Zero halogen: IEC 60754-1 tested & compliant
  • Improved self-extinguishing properties under IEC 62395 flammability test

Superior quality & long-life expectancy

  • Radiation-cross linked for extended life expectancy in excess of 25 years
  • UV resistant: IEC 60068-2-5 & IEC 60068-2-9 tested & compliant
  • Colourfast under UV exposure
  • Resistant to mild inorganic substances

Energy efficiency

  • Self-regulating technology: the heat output automatically adjusts depending on the local temperature at every point along its length
  • Major energy savings when used with the RAYCHEM “PASC” ambient sensing controller compared with typical ambient control devices

Trace Heating

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Raychem Product Range Low smoke zero halogen cables for pipe freeze protection

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