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FläktGroup is a leading global supplier of indoor air quality based products for commercial and industrial applications, focusing on Air Comfort and Fire Safety. Our systems are specifically developed to minimise energy consumption and so reduce capital and operating costs, as well as environmental impact.

Whatever the specific operational and indoor climate needs of individual buildings, FläktGroup systems can be installed in fully compatible combinations to deliver the ideal functionality and performance required.

Air Comfort Products

Air Handling Units (AHUs)

FläktGroup manufactures high performance AHUs to ensure optimisation of quality, performance, reliability and service life. The comprehensive range that we offer allows us to deliver the best individual solution for any customer.

Our R&D work focuses on reducing energy consumption and creating factory complete air handling system solutions with controls. We design units to minimise life cycle cost by using highly efficient energy reducing devices, keeping low internal pressure drops. Our ranges include:

eCO Premium is our new compact AHU, ideal for ceiling void installation with high energy efficiency and low noise. The unit is available in 6 sizes with air flow from 0.1m³/s to 0.9m³/s.

eQ Prime has energy efficient components such as IE4 PM motors, SEMCO sorption thermal wheel and integrated controls. It offers a fully packaged air handling unit loaded with features needed to be the right choice concerning functionality and giving you low installation and operating costs.

eQ Prime is available in 8 sizes with an airflow from 0.4m³/s to 6m³/s. The basic eQ Prime configuration is a block structure consisting of filters, fans, thermal wheel and integrated controls. Optional heating and cooling coils are placed in a coil block after the supply air fan.

With eQ Prime, FläktGroup gives you a full service for the air handling unit, all the way from the start of selection to hand-over. FläktGroup takes care of the commissioning and initial start-up of your units which is a valuable service, since we customise the unit’s control system settings, ensuring energy-efficient optimisation and maximising the life of the unit.

eQ is our new flexible air handling unit, providing new solutions that have not been on the market before. The smart casing design, the energy efficient components and the flexible design make the eQ air handling unit cost effective, with the possibility of combining single deck casing with a double deck casing to make the unit very flexible.

eQ is available in 21 sizes with an air flow from 0.1m³/s to 12.5m³/s. The range covers most requirements, from simple applications to integrated solutions. The length of the unit is determined by the components and is very easy to install and maintain.

eQL (large eQ) is available in 8 sizes with air flow from 8m³/s to 30.2m³/s.

Standards & Certification

All units are designed, tested and manufactured to applicable standards which include:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health & Safety)
  • EcoDesign Directive Lot 6 (Energy Related Products)

All casings meet performance requirements of the CEN EN1886 standard and all units are certified by Eurovent.

ReCooler® Heat Pump

Our ReCooler HP is an energy efficient heating and cooling unit solution for our eQ air handling units. Not only is our ReCooler HP fitted with the latest generation of RegAsorp hygroscopic wheel for sensible and latent cooling recovery, but also with DC inverter scroll compressor technology and electronic expansion valves, maximising both efficiency and comfort, and ensuring constant supply temperatures.

ReCooler HP is easy to design and install as there is no need for external refrigerant of LTHW pipework – just make the electrical connections and the unit is ready to operate.

ReCooler HP is a compact and low cost installation with no outdoor condenser fans making noise and consuming energy, with high reliability and easy access for servicing.

The ReCooler HP is space efficient and is easily selected in our product selection tool Acon.

Benefits include:

  • Integrated Heating & Cooling Recovery
  • Factory Tested
  • Plug & Play
  • High EER, COP, SEER & SCOP Values
  • VAV Compatible
  • No Roof Condenser

This, in turn, allows for easy and low cost installation, high reliability, easily accessible for servicing, smaller power connection and low noise level.


Energy saving is also a fundamental design feature of the FläktGroup Climafläkt range of chillers. These are Eurovent and CE certified, achieving high Energy Efficiency Ratings (EERs) and European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (ESEERs).

Savings of up to 25% are achievable, particularly through high efficiency during part load operating times.

The range includes options for interior and exterior installation, air-cooled or water-cooled, cooling capacities up to 1500kW, scroll or screw compressors, heat pump or free cooling, low energy consumption, low sound and vibration levels.

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