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Daikin UK - Climate Control

Intelligent Management Control of Splits & Multi-Splits Heat Reclaim - Heat Pumps - VRV / VRF - Chillers

Daikin has a worldwide reputation for quality and innovative technology, with over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of heat pump solutions. Daikin UK is a leading supplier of a complete range of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications for the private and public sectors. Its product portfolio comprises a wide range of highly energy efficient climate control systems, capable of delivering a complete solution, whatever the application.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV, Daikin UK has an excellent record of concern for environmental issues and applies it to all areas of the business, in many cases pre-empting international and national environmental legislation.

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

Energy efficiency is paramount in the specification of climate control solutions but the efficiency of individual components of a system is only part of the story. Renowned software company, Integrated Environmental Solutions, has incorporated VRV into their Virtual Environment software to accurately simulate the performance of VRV systems. It takes into account variables such as:

  • location
  • load requirements
  • seasonal variations
  • heat recovery
  • mechanical operations of the system

The IES/Daikin UK software tool gives consultants credible reassurance the systems they are designing can meet and, in many cases, exceed nominal efficiency ratings and helps them to ensure requirements for Building Control are met.

Sky Air – Seasonal Smart & Seasonal Classic

From January 2013, ErP legislation was introduced setting new design requirements and regulating the minimum energy efficiency requirements of air conditioning systems, as well as the way efficiency is measured and displayed.

As part of this legislation, light commercial products up to 12kW must display Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER), which take into account factors that provide a realistic measurement of energy efficiency in real life circumstances, including typical load variations, different climate zones and seasonal temperature differences.

Daikin was the first manufacturer to introduce products that not only meet the 2013 regulations, but exceed them. Its Sky Air Seasonal Smart and Seasonal Classic condensers have been designed to be the best on the market today based on this new standard.

As a result, the new Sky Air Seasonal Smart condenser is around 25% more efficient than previous Daikin products products in the same class. Additionally, the range is optimised not just for 2013 seasonal efficiency standards, but for the even higher ratings that will be required by the ErP Directive in 2014.

These new condensing units have been designed for compatibility with new indoor units to ensure maximum efficiency. All the indoor units have been changed to ensure optimum efficiency, given the new seasonal efficiency standard. However, the wall, floor and cassette units have had much more significant changes in terms of technology, features and appearance.

BRC1E52A Controller & RTD Range of Intelligent Management Controls

The new BRC1E52A controller is the standard controller for Daikin’s new range of seasonally efficient products. It has a range of energy saving settings, allowing better control over the range and operation of the system. New features include:

  • kW/H usage chart - allowing users to see indicative energy consumption of systems
  • three independent schedules - winter, summer and mid-season - allowing flexibility
  • temperature range limit can be set - helping to avoid excessive heating or cooling by limiting the max/min set points
  • set point auto reset allows user flexibility and returns the unit to a pre-set temperature to prevent accidental over-heating/cooling
  • presence sensor control - can reduce running costs by up to 27% by controlling the temperature set point based on occupancy over a three hour period

The RTD range is designed to enable building managers to have a higher level of control over energy usage. This energy management tool, designed to reduce usage as well as increasing energy efficiency, is expected to deliver 30% energy savings. An intelligent and flexible approach to energy management, this control system is able to deliver reduced usage without the end user noticing any reduction in comfort levels, while allowing them sufficient autonomy to satisfy their desire for control over their own environment.

The RTD range is optimised for use in:

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • shop
  • banks
  • commercial office buildings

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