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Refrion - Adiabatic Cooling Technologies

Adiabatic Spray - Adiabatic Cooling - Refrion

Adiabatic Process

Adiabatic coolers offer the benefit of the pre-cooling of ambient air stream entering the cooler, following the principles of adiabatic humidification.

The entering air stream is cooled and humidified, at constant wet-bulb temperature.


  • Higher cooling output per m2 of plant space
  • Ability to achieve lower leaving water temperatures at a specified entering ambient air condition
  • Possibility of free cooling
  • Reduced power input for a specified cooling output & leaving water temperature
  • Reduced CAPEX & OPEX

System Efficiencies

Adiabatic Efficiency: A measure of an adiabatic cooling process ability to reach 100% saturation.

Typical efficiencies range from 80-90% for standard spray type adiabatic systems up to 100% for hybrid systems.

Absorption Efficiency: A measure of the ability of the adiabatic system to absorb the adiabatic supply water into the airstream.

Typically, spray systems incorporating atomising nozzles have a relatively high absorption efficiency of up to 80%, whereas, flooded or cascading type systems have a low absorption efficiency of under 10% and therefore normally incorporate a collection basin and water recirculation pump.


Approach is defined as the difference between the ambient dry bulb temperature AFTER the adiabatic process and the water leaving temperature. It is possible to achieve an approach temperature as low as 1°C. However, consideration should be given to the physical size of the plant, since a lower approach generally requires a much deeper coil which can lead to excessive airside pressure drops.


  • Supply of water for the adiabatic process
  • Water treatment where applicable
  • Hygiene & prevention of legionella growth
  • L8 Compliance
  • Compliance with VDI2047-2
  • Increased maintenance & logging

System Types

Adiabatic Spray

Water is supplied to a distribution rack at low pressure and subsequently sprayed in counter flow direction against the incoming air through a network of nozzles.

The water is atomised through the nozzles to produce a fine mist.

Recirculation of the spray water is not essential due to the relatively high absorption efficiency.

Adiabatic Efficiency: 80-90%

Absorption Efficiency: High

Industrial Pad

Water is supplied to a distribution pipe at the top of a lattice of adiabatic pads positioned before the coil. Water subsequently cascades down the pads. Entering ambient air passes through the pads where the air is adiabatically cooled. Any unevaporated water falls into a collection basin. Cascading systems normally incorporate recirculation due to the low absorption efficiency.

Adiabatic Efficiency: 90-95%

Absorption Efficiency: Low

Hybrid (H.S.S.)

Operation is similar to a standard adiabatic spray system, however, the spray water is directed towards the coil at medium pressure. Hybrid systems have the added benefit of direct sensible cooling on the coil due to the lower adiabatic water temperature. The absorption efficiency is similar to a standard spray system, and therefore recirculation is not essential.

Adiabatic Efficiency: up to 100%

Absorption Efficiency: Med-High

Dry Coolers

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