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Mitsubishi Electric - Heat Pumps for Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps - Ecodan Heat Pump Systems

Ready for Mass Market Renewables

We are rapidly approaching the end of gas and oil as the dominant method of heating our homes and so the future of mass market heating utilising heat pumps is nearly upon us.

The decarbonisation of the grid combined with the urgent need to tackle climate change means we have to find ways to significantly reduce carbon in our society – and heat pumps provide a straightforward way of achieving that.

With buildings accounting for over 40% of all UK emissions, reducing the carbon footprint of each property will have a significant effect on helping achieve the nation’s carbon reduction targets.

In preparation for the days of mass market, renewable heating, Mitsubishi Electric has developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of sustainable alternatives that are flexible in design, easy for skilled engineers to install and straightforward for building operators to use.

The award winning Ecodan heat pumps are available from 4kW up to 960kW, making them suitable for virtually any property, from small flats to large detached houses, from an office block to a school.

They are the renewable, low carbon alternative to traditional high carbon heating systems – the renewable heating technology that efficiently and reliably generates sustainable space heating and hot water all year round, delivering a level of comfort that sets the technology apart from other forms of heating.

Now in its sixth generation, the line-up includes the ultra-quiet Ecodan which virtually eliminates the need for planning permission. All the latest developments have focused on improving hot water recovery efficiency and time, and ease of installation and use, and this includes a range of cylinders using a completely new way of heating the water in domestic situations, with a plate heat exchanger and patented Scale-Stop technology to eliminate the effect of lime scale.

Mitsubishi Electric has also introduced remote energy monitoring on every Ecodan that leaves the factory, with the company believing that this is key to demonstrating the effectiveness of heat pumps and helping homeowners qualify for incentive payments. The domestic range offers three different options for homeowners:

  • Standard Level which is pre-installed at the factory, offering remote energy monitoring using partial estimation of energy use;
  • Level Two which includes the addition of an electric meter;
  • Level Three which adds a Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) heat me

High Efficiency for New-Build

A new domestic Ecodan 4kW unit has been developed specifically to meet the demands of modern homebuilding techniques.

The unique design of the Ecodan QUHZ air source heat pump delivers efficient hot water whilst still providing renewable heating to answer the high hot water, low heating requirement of highly insulated homes.

Commercial Heating

The Ecodan range is designed specifically for use in a wide variety of properties, the larger air cooled and water cooled renewable Ecodan products (QAHV, CAHV and CRHV) use proven heat pump technology to deliver effective low carbon heating, providing a simple solution that can replace traditional systems.

Heating accounts for more than half of the total energy consumed by an average commercial property, so this is the obvious area to target to make the required difference.

The line-up includes the QAHV commercial heating system which runs on CO2 (R744) to deliver hot water up to 90°C and help businesses increase the efficiency of hot water production whilst significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The products are now proving themselves in schools, offices, showrooms, in farming and in almost any situation calling for reliable, renewable heating.

District & Community Heating

Ecodan is being used across the nation, from the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Wight, in individual homes and delivering community heating in projects such as the multi award-winning Kingston Heights project, which sees 132 apartments and a 142-bed hotel get their renewable heating from the River Thames.

The latest addition to the range, the 40kW QAHV, delivers hot water up to 90°C for commercial sanitary hot water applications in hotels, leisure centres, hospitals, care homes, restaurants, schools and universities.

The system is equally suited to manufacturing processes and district heating schemes.

Ecodan® Heat Pumps

Ecodan harvests renewable energy from the outdoor air, ground or open water and upgrades it to provide heating and hot water for homes and commercial properties.

With Ecodan, for every 1kW of energy fed in, you get at least 3.2kW of heat energy out, because the air source heat pump harvests at least 2.2kW of renewable energy from the ambient air. This gives Ecodan an average Co-efficient Of Performance (COP) of 3.2 across the year.

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