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Airedale International - Ecodesign Directive & F-Gas Regulation

Ecodesign - PAC - Energy Efficiency - Comfort Chillers - Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio

Ecodesign Regulation

Ecodesign defines minimum requirements for energy-related products to improve product design and energy efficiency. It is a European framework designed to help the European Union meet its 2020 energy efficiency targets. Directive implementation is via product group-specific regulations, and relevant products have been divided into “Lots” with specific implementing measures.

Airedale products appear under Lot 21.

Ecodesign: Our Responsibility

As a British Manufacturer, we are driven by quality and efficiency at every stage of our research, development and manufacturing process. We meet the challenges of regulatory changes head on with our innovating spirit that is at the heart of everything we do.

Ecodesign: Implementation

Lot 21: Ecodesign applies in two steps:

Step 1 – from January 2018 onwards;

Step 2 – tighter requirements active from 1 January 2021

What is Covered?

Precision Air Conditioning, Comfort Chillers and High Temperature Process Chillers are all covered by the Ecodesign regulations in certain scenarios. Airedale have experts who can advise on this and we can offer CPD seminars to clients who would like to find out more.

Performance Tested

Quality is assured by our onsite, world-class testing facilities that set the standard as one of the most advanced testing centres of its kind within the global air conditioning industry. This facility is integral to our development process and ensures our team of designers and engineers conduct a rigorous test programme to produce and improve each of our manufactured units.

F-Gas Regulation

Fluorinated Gases (F-Gases) are man-made substances of which a particular type, HFCs, are widely used as refrigerants. Although effective in air conditioning systems, many HFCs are powerful greenhouse gases that have long-lasting effects on the environment if released into the atmosphere.

F-Gas has a European Commission regulatory action as part of its policy to combat climate change. It is a phasedown rather than a ban, aimed at reducing the CO2 equivalent emissions from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by 79% (relative to 2015) by 2030.

The first F-Gas Regulation was adopted in 2006. The new regulation replaces this and came into effect in 2015. By 2030 it will cut the EU’s F-gas emissions by two-thirds compared with 2014 levels.

F-Gas: Our Responsibility

As with Ecodesign, Airedale takes both the legislation and its commitment to the environment seriously.

Much of our R&D resources are focused on ensuring our suite of offers are compatible with lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants such as R32. We have precedent in this area too… we led the market years ago with the change from R22 to R407C refrigerant in 1994 on the ACC range of chillers and we were the first to market with a range of chillers utilising R1234ze in 2013.

Newer refrigerants in many cases are classified as flammable and are not drop-in replacements for existing gases, so care has to be taken when designing, testing, installing and servicing air conditioning systems that use them.

Airedale is already investing heavily in our ability to design and manufacture such systems and are always on hand to offer advice to clients who are also on this journey. Airedale have experts who can advise on the regulations and we can offer CPD seminars to clients who would like to find out more.

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