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TORMAX - Door Applications

Tormax Doors - Door Applications - Fire Doors - Smoke Doors - Escape Routes - Barrier Free Access - Hermetic Doors

Fire and Smoke Doors

Fire doors are intended to protect openings in fire-retardant or fire-resistant walls against the penetration of fire.

TORMAX automatic fire doors provide convenience in normal operations – and a plus point in terms of safety in an emergency because of their sustained resistance to fire and smoke.

Safe Emergency Exits

TORMAX offers both mechanical and electrical solutions for rescue and escape routes.

  • Mechanical solution: Break-out: door leaves can be manually opened and pushed together
  • Electronic solution: two independent redundant monitored systems for emergency opening

Burglar Resistance with Resistance Levels 2 (WK2) & 3 (WK3)

Automatic doors open and invite people into the building at pre-defined times. But at other times they should deny access.

With its doors tested to resistance levels 2 and 3 of EN1627, TORMAX offers solutions which make burglaries practically impossible, thus not only protecting valuables but effectively restricting vandalism.

WK2: resistance time 3 minutes: the opportunist criminal attempts to break open the locked and bolted door with simple tools such as a screw-driver, pliers and wedge.

WK3: resistance time 5 minutes: the professional criminal attempts to break open the locked and bolted door with a broader screw-driver and a crowbar.

Barrier-Free Access

TORMAX automatic entrance solutions remove some of the restrictions encountered by the less-able. Barrier-free access is an important concern.

TORMAX have written a planning file on this subject for architects and designers in order to provide them with a powerful tool for the design and construction of obstruction-free automatic door systems.

Corrosion-Free and Water-Tight Doors (IP65)

Automatic doors to rooms subject to unusual environments, for example aggressive vapours or salt-laden air, or to rooms in hygienically sensitive areas need a door drive with special protection.

The corrosion-free, water and dust-tight drive solution from TORMAX significantly extends the working life of automatic doors.

Hermetic Doors

Hermetic doors are doors equipped with a circumferential hermetic sealing system and are used for example in laboratories, operating theatres, clean-room production or in the pharmaceutical industry. They prevent the exchange of the external and internal air. The doors are sound-proof as well as air and water-tight and also meet stringent requirements for enhanced noise insulation or protection against radio-active radiation.

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