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TheisCraft - Modular Wiring Systems

Lighting Control - BREEAM - Modular Wiring 2 - MDB Systems - EmergiCraft DALI

TheisCraft manufactures and supplies lighting control systems, modular wiring solutions and lighting to the commercial sector.

In today’s demanding building and construction market, the need for expertly manufactured quality controlled products has never been more important.

Modular Wiring - The Gillett System NEW

A truly modular concept in providing a versatile and flexible pre-wired cabling system.

Adopting the tried and tested MDB approach to pre-manufactured power and lighting cable systems in either metal flexible conduit or LSF soft skin cables or both. Cable sizes from 1.0mm through to 10.0mm can be supplied and MDBs typically in configurations of 6 and 9 port.

The Gillett design does not exclude the option to have any profile or length as the male and female connectors are manufactured as individual modules.

Any combination of modules can be assembled into the aluminium extrusion. An end plate at one end and either a 32 or 40mm swivel gland attaches to the other end which carries the Home Run conduit.

Both DALI or Network cables can then also be carried through the conduit to allow for control of either lighting, BMS systems or both.

Channels for channel nuts (zebs) top, bottom and rear.

The extrusion sections can also be supplied so that you can couple two units back-to-back. L brackets are available to allow the channels to be used to slide L brackets along the rail for ease of installation.

Installation Couplers

The connectors are suitable for current ratings up to 32A. The 3 pole couplers are rated at 32A and the 4 to 6 pole are suitable for up to 25A current rating.


T-connectors have one input and two outputs. The input is always located on the left side when looking at the connector mounted. The input is always connected to a female socket coupler and the outputs to male plug couplers. The T-connectors can be fixed to a wall or ceiling using max. Ø 5mm flat head screws or with cable ties.

Available in 2,3,4,5 and 6 pole.

Switched Fuse Spurs

Fused T-distributors have a 2-pole switch (N, L) with a 5 x 20 mm fuse. Fused T-distributors come provided with 10A fuse. The fuse drawer has space for a spare fuse and, if needed the fuse holder can be padlocked into an open position for secured isolation.

The fused T-distributors also come with a switch. The switch indicates if the power is on in the downwards outlet. The switch is lit and has an O/I indicator.

Available in 3 and 5 Pole.

Ceiling Rose BEZA Box Adaptor

The BEZA box adapter allows quick connection of accessories into standard BEZA box and conduit applications using the connectors within the range. The two part adapter simply clips together with the chosen connector to allow a reciprocal plug to be inserted and make the connection.

We can also supply as a single or multiple circuit lighting distribution unit wired with either EnstoNet or GST connectors in 2,3,4,5 and 6 pole variants. An extremely cost-effective solution for distributing lighting circuits in commercial buildings.

DALI Pluggable MDB Systems NEW

DALI64 and DUAL DALI64 (128) pluggable MDB systems are now available from us, so you can specify a modular wiring system with MDBs and plug in either one or two DALI 64 modules at any time from the start of the installation, or at a future date.

RJ45 ports are supplied on the end plate for the connection of network PIRs and switches if used with our lighting control system.

So the first truly pluggable DALI modular system has arrived!

Lighting Control

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