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TheisCraft - Lighting Controls

RAPID Lighting Control Module - Modular Wiring - TheisCraft - DALI - Lighting Controls

TheisCraft designs, manufactures and supplies lighting control systems, modular wiring and commercial lighting to the commercial and high-end residential sectors.

In today’s demanding market, the need for expert lighting control has never been more important. Building regulations, BREEAM and the appetite for green credentials requires that consideration is given to proven energy conscious lighting and lighting control.

Commercial Lighting Controls

Fully addressable and networkable, industry leading RAPID meets the most demanding lighting control and energy management applications cost effectively.

Control your lighting environment to ensure the building is as energy efficient as possible whilst providing a comfortable environment through use of daylight linking, presence / absence detection, scene setting, circadian rhythm and addressable DALi/dsi or 1-10v dimming.

Area Controller

The Area Controller allows all LCMs on a floor to communicate with each other and enable communication between floors and/or a Head End PC.

The Area Controller also allows the system to be sub-divided into different zones. The built-in Time Scheduler with battery back-up allows for timed events e.g. emergency test schedules. We offer integration with other building systems through RS232, Bacnet and KNX.

8-12 Channel Pluggable RAPID Lighting Control Module

The RAPID Lighting Control Module (LCM) comes as either an 8-12 channel unit or DIN rail mounted module. The standard RAPID LCM has eight or twelve individually addressable outputs to allow for independent control of DALI/DSI/1-10v or switching only fittings.

Presence / Absence Detectors

Having lights on in an empty room costs money so we use sensors to detect presence / absence and automatically turn lights on or off as required:

  • PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Detectors detect change in the infra-red spectrum from body heat and movement within a defined field.
  • Microwave Detectors transmit energy and measure the energy reflected from objects in the room. They are very sensitive to movement, operate over long ranges and through glass. They are ideal for large spaces and awkward shaped areas where fine motion detection is required.

Modular Wiring

Cabling is a fundamental part of a building providing the connectivity which is important for reliable performance.

Our structured modular wiring arrives on site pre-wired and pre-tested where its plug and play format makes it quick and easy to fit, reducing installation time, minimising disruption at ground level thereby maximising productivity on site.


Taking the proven nine port MDB product, we offer the option to use the modular wiring system with a pluggable DALi64 unit, which simply plugs into a port on the MDB.

TheisCraft uses a bespoke aluminium extrusion which is cut to size to accommodate the required number of ports, limited only by the number of 4mm cables that can be drawn through a 32mm or 40mm copex in accordance with regulations, and all ports are wired with a home run of bespoke length.

So, you can install your modular wiring and connect your luminaires at any time, the lights will turn on without configuration. The DALi64 module is plugged in and programmed at commissioning stage.

Armoured Leads

Supplied in a zinc coated steel enclosure. We typically provide 3 and 5 Pole Extenders, Male to Free End and Female to Free End.

Lighting Control

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TheisCraft Limited
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