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Schneider Electric - Metering & Monitoring

PowerLogic - PM5000 - Intermediate Metering - Power Monitoring Expert - PowerSCADA

Schneider Electric offers a full range of metering and monitoring products and solutions, scalable from simple metering and analysis to remote online enterprise wide power management solutions.

Whether you are an energy supplier or consumer, our integrated solutions provide the tools to deliver fast and quantifiable payback by helping you to manage the quality and cost of your energy.

Basic Multi Function Metering

The PowerLogic PM5000 series of power meters is the new benchmark on affordable, precision metering. PM5000 is the ideal fit for high-end cost management applications, providing the measurement capabilities needed to allocate energy usage, perform tenet metering and sub-billing. In addition to this, PM5000 can help you pinpoint energy savings, optimise equipment efficiency and utilisation, and perform a high level assessment of the harmonics in an electrical network.

This range of meters is also MID approved.

Intermediate Metering

New to this range is the Powerlogic PM8000 series offering compact, cost-effective multifunction power quality meters, ideal for cost and network applications on feeders and critical loads.

Reveal and understand complex power quality conditions and act on insightful data gathered from your entire power system.

Designed for key metering points throughout your energy infrastructure and with built-in ION technology, the Powerlogic PM8000 series meter has the versatility to perform nearly every job you need a meter to do, in addition to protecting the value of your investment and its unique ability to adapt to your needs today and tomorrow.

The range offers standard and MID approved meters.

Software Solutions

Power management software is used to improve system reliability, increase operational efficiency and enhance the performance of your electrical assets.

We offer two power management software packages:

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) which is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications. The software collects and organises data gathered from your facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via intuitive web interfaces.

PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) software is the fast data-acquisition monitoring and control software for improving the power availability of electrical distribution networks. The software gives operators exceptional knowledge and control of their network through an intuitive, interactive and customisable interface.

All of our software is compatible with our extensive and versatile range of metering products, offering you a complete metering and monitoring solution for all applications.

PowerLogic Toolkit

Our new PowerLogic Toolkit enables consultants and specifiers to select the right metering solution based on your application, market segment or metering requirements.

It also provides recommendations on which metering and monitoring solution is the most suitable.

Users have full access to single line diagrams, specification sheets and much more, all at the click of a button.

The toolkit can be accessed at:

PowerLogic PM5000 Series

The Value You Want, The Benchmark Metering Accuracy You Need


  • Accuracy class 0.2S (PM5500 models) & 0.5S (PM5100, PM5300 models) for active energy metering
  • Compliance to regulations EN50470-1/3 (MID), IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
  • Dual Ethernet ports (PM5500 models) to daisy chain meters together – less wiring, simpler installation
  • Onboard web pages (PM5500 models) for viewing real-time & logged information
  • Data logging (PM5300 & PM5500 models) locally in non-volatile memory ensures that information is not lost during a power or communications outage
  • Multiple tariffs (PM5300 & PM5500 models) give you flexibility in your billing structure
  • Individual harmonics in addition to THD & TDD to help locate the source of disturbances
  • Graphical display with intuitive menu-driven navigation makes information easy to locate & read
  • Compact design, two clips for mounting
  • 4 current inputs (PM5500 models)
  • Extended voltage range (direct connection up to 690 V L-L)
  • Real-time clock with battery back up

PowerLogic PM8000 Series

Simplifying Power Quality, Maximising Versatility


  • High-accuracy energy metering: IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S, IEC 61557-12 PDM-S
  • Time synchronization
  • Multi-tariff support
  • WAGES metering support
  • PQ compliance monitoring: IEC 61000-4-30 class S, IEC 62586, EN 50160, IEEE 519
  • PQ analysis capabilities: Dip & swell detection, waveform capture, disturbance direction detection, trending & forecasting
  • Protocols: Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850
  • Ports: RS-485, dual-port Ethernet, Ethernet-to-serial gateway
  • Graphical, colour display
  • Onboard, customisable web pages

Power Monitoring Software

Power Management Software Helps Maximise System Reliability & Optimise Operational Efficiency


  • Highly scalable, flexible & open architecture
  • System-wide data acquisition & interoperability
  • Fully compatible with ION technology
  • Real-time monitoring through a secure, multi-user web portal
  • Enhanced support for WAGES monitoring
  • Power quality analysis & compliance monitoring
  • Trend graphing & aggregation
  • Alarming & event logging
  • Preconfigured & custom reports
  • Manual or automated control
  • Intuitive, customisable web client interface
  • Dashboards – Present any measurement from the power monitoring database in an attractive kiosk display or slideshow
  • Diagrams – View system diagrams to monitor network status
  • Tables – Compare multiple devices for at-a-glance status of your network
  • Alarms – Simplifies the management of alarms & events with intelligent filters
  • Reports – View critical information exactly how, where & when it's required
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports PowerLogic ION Enterprise software & System Manager software migrations

For a free demo visit http://www.powerlogic.com/swpm_demo/

HeadiPowerSCADA Expertng

Combining SCADA & Power Monitoring Softwares

The synergy of SCADA with power monitoring

PowerSCADA Expert software combines Schneider Electric's proven expertise in power monitoring with the functionality of a high-performance SCADA system, creating a highly flexible, operator-oriented offer that can meet the unique needs of each and every customer. The software integrates seamlessly with your electrical system and has the scalability to continue meeting your needs as they evolve over time.

Why not attend our CPD approved sessions on: Part L and Metering / Power Quality by contacting sam.sylvester@schneider-electric.com


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