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Kingsmill Industries (UK) - Lightning Protection & Earthing

Lightening Protection - Earthing - Surge Protection

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Earthing and Lightning Protection products. They protect structures as well as electronic and electrical systems from damage. All products conform to BS EN 62305, BS EN 50164 and BS 7430. Our wealth of knowledge gives us the ability to offer leading edge product development and unparalleled technical support. Highly skilled staff using state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture high quality products is only part of the Kingsmill success story. Our design services, logistics, customer service and after-sales support ensure we are the only supplier you need.

Lightning Protection

If an unprotected building were to be struck by lightning the result may be fire, structural damage, damage to the electrical systems/equipment and electric shock. A Lightning Protection scheme shields a building, its occupants and contents from these adverse effects. To do this, the system must capture the lightning, lead it safely down to earth, and disperse the energy within the ground. Whether or not a building needs a Lightning Protection scheme depends on several factors.

Air Termination Network

The Air Termination Network is a vital part of any structural Lightning Protection system. This network is the part that arrests the lightning strike. An air termination network can be designed using the “mesh”, “protective angle method” and/or the “rolling sphere” or a combination. The adoption of which method(s) to use is very much determined by the nature of the structure to be protected.

  • Conductors & Fittings for roof mesh conductor systems
  • Lightweight Lightning Masts
  • Free-Standing Air Terminals
  • Conventional Small Air Terminals
  • Insulated Lightning Conductor Cable
  • Catenary Wire Systems
  • Isolated Systems using insulated spacer bars & masts


Conductors are an essential component of a Lightning Protection System. They form part of the Air Termination Network, the Down Conductor System and the Earth Termination/Network. Conductors are also an integral and important component of an earthing system e.g. a power station, sub-station, cell site, solar PV array, etc. Our comprehensive range of conductors enables the Lightning Protection designer greater freedom to: conceal conductors, aesthetically blend conductors into the building facade and offer lower cost alternatives. Insulated Lightning Conductor allows the designer to resolve spacing problems when there is insufficient room to install a “conventional” conductor whilst maintaining required separation distances between it and electrically conductive parts of the structure that require protection.


Copper is recommended for use in earthing applications, whether below or above ground. Earthing systems must be able to withstand mechanical damage, resist corrosion, provide a low impedance path to earth and carry the maximum fault condition for the application/installation.

Surge Protection

The protection of electronic systems can often get ignored, yet the damage to such systems, caused by lightning, can be catastrophic. Our Surge Protection products comply to BS EN 62305-4. Kingsmill Surge Protection Devices are available to protect:

  • Mains power supplies
  • Charging Stations
  • Photovoltaic (PV) arrays
  • LED Street, Industrial & Security Lighting systems
  • Low voltage, telecom & data lines

Monitoring Systems

Kingsmill are passionate about lightning and protecting infrastructure from the devastating impact of lightning activity. As well as a wide range of protection solutions, but we also offer systems designed to monitor activity.

Kingsmill Industries

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Kingsmill Industries (UK) Surge Protection Kingsmill Lighting Product Range

Kingsmill Industries (UK) Ltd
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NG16 6NS

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