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Piller UK - CHP in Island Operation

UBT+ units - CHP - IP-System & solutions - Rotary UPS - Diesel Rotary Piller UK

Release the true potential from your CHP in Island Operation

Grid Stabilisation Case Study


  • Site import capacity limited «4.5MW which is less than a third of maximum site demand
  • Attenuation of Fault current contribution to grid due to limited capacity in the local area
  • Integration of CHP to reduce emissions from plant utilising gas engines
  • Connection includes a 1MW export capacity allowance


System integration must allow parallel operation with grid while limiting any potential fault current contributions but still allowing the export of excess generation.

The CHP utilises gas engines which require stable loads. The system application is a production facility with potentially large step loads which could cause instability issues and potential tripping.

System still to be able to function when in island mode to maintain stable operation of the gas engines without the stability of the grid.

Offer potential ride through to allow alternative embedded diesel generation to be used in the event of CHP failure.


2 x 2250kW Piller UBT+ units with 42MJ of ride-through energy operating within 11kV network as a parallel pair to offer power conditioning of the incoming supply, isolating harmonics and disturbances on the grid from the critical site supplies.

The UBT+ module integrates between the mains supply and the site generation. This offers a form of isolation between the site generation and grid achieving attenuation of faults between systems.

The stored energy within the UBT+ Kinetic Energy storage can be rapidly deployed via bi-directional converters to stabilise the frequency of the 11kV site network during loads steps in island operation. The technology allows for easy export of power while providing ultimate power protection to site critical loads with embedded gas generation.

Products & Solutions Offered

  • Rotary UPS & Diesel Rotary UPS Systems - 500kW up to 3000kW, single systems to 50MW
  • All Rotary UPS available with Kinetic, VRLA or Lithium Ion energy storage
  • Static Kinetic Energy Storage UPS - 300kW up to 2400kW
  • Static Battery UPS Systems - 2kW up to 360kW
  • Kinetic Energy Storage - 3MJ up to 60MJ
  • Static Transfer Switches - 25A up to 1600A
  • N+1, Tier IV innovative UPS configurations – up to 40 MW
  • Rotary & Static Converter & GPU units - 20kVA up to 1500kVA
  • Service & Project Delivery
  • UPS Rental

Key Features

  • UPS efficiencies to 98%
  • Expertise in static & rotary solutions
  • Modular UPS systems
  • Unprecedented choice of energy storage types
  • Solutions in low & medium voltage
  • World leader in IP-System & solutions
  • Manufacturer of world’s largest LV UPS units

 Piller UK CHP

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Grid Stabilisation SystemUBT+ with Kinetic / Battery Energy Storage UBT+ with PB60 CleanSource XT Range

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