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nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek - Leak Detection

Leak Detection - Alarm Modules - Data Centres - Hospitals - TT1000 - TTC - SZA - MZA - TTA-SIM

Leak Detection for Data Centres

Find Leaks Before They Find You!

With the exponential growth of digital data use, cloud connectivity and evermore digitally-fulfilled transactions, thanks to the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things), the need for more server rooms with expanded data storage capacity is rapidly increasing.

Expanded data storage means a greater number of higher performing servers that generate significantly more heat during operation. This has led to the vast majority of data centres installing liquid cooling systems that are able to cool the increased number of server rooms more efficiently.

An inherent risk associated with liquid cooling, however, is fluid leaks – and this is where TraceTek leak detection systems can have a significant impact. TraceTek leak detection systems have been implemented throughout data centres across Europe to protect critical data storage and prevent application downtime for market-leading, digitally-based companies.

The TraceTek leak detection technology provides systems that are simple, reliable and flexible, incorporating digital control panels that deliver pinpoint accuracy for locating leaks. This means fast and effective action can be taken to fix leaks and prevent the shutdown of critical installations.

Our customers value TraceTek leak detection systems for their modular, flexible design, global installation base and regional support teams.

A Solution for Every Application

No matter your needs, there is a TraceTek solution to suit your application.

We offer various sensor types to detect different types of fluid leaks, as well as a broad portfolio of monitoring systems to fit any leak detection project.

Use TraceTek leak protection in ...

  • Office buildings
  • Specialised data facilities
  • Internet data centres
  • Banking & insurance buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Museums, libraries & archives

... to monitor & protect:

  • Overhead piping above operating rooms, intensive care facilities, executive offices, high value space & other sensitive areas
  • Communications equipment
  • Computer rooms: under raised floors & around HVAC equipment
  • Lift pits & motor rooms
  • Valuable artwork, data archives & documents
  • High value “Up Time” applications
  • Transaction processing systems (ATM, credit card, etc)

nVent Raychem TraceTek

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Leak Detected Sensors nVent Raychem Tracetek nVent Raychem Tracetek


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