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Siemens LMV - LV Power Solutions

Busbar Trunking - LV Switchgear - Sivacom - Distribution Boards - Metering - Power Management

Busbar Trunking

CD-K Lighting Busbar

  • Snapfit joints for fast installations & robust housing
  • 25-40 Amps - fittings can be suspended from the trunking allowing single fix installation

BD01 Small Power Busbar

  • Compact design with standard IP54 degree of protection
  • 40-160 Amps - Flexible tap off units can be adapted

BD2 Medium Power Busbar

  • Flexible system up to 12 tap offs per length
  • 160-1250 Amps - Horizontal or vertical usage
  • Wide range of Tap offs with/without meters for Energy management

LX High Power Busbar

  • Sandwich single bolt joint configuration & IP55 low impedance design
  • 800-6300 Amps - Up to 6 conductors accommodates Double Neutral or CE
  • Specialist project management team

LR Cast Resin System

  • Standard IP68 enclosure can resist arduous environments
  • 650 – 6150 Amps - Adaptor joint to metallic LX system to allow best fit to today's energy conscious buildings in either Cu or Al versions
  • Tested 3 hour rating for both Cu & Al versions

LV Switchgear

Sivacon S4

  • Up to 4000 Amperes, IEC61439/2 type tested
  • Compact space saving flexible design
  • Safe grounding through door hinges
  • Degree of Protection IP30,31,40,41,55
  • Busbar system to 4000 Amps with lcw up to 100kA
  • Form of separation up to Form 4B

Sivacon 8PT

  • Current ratings up to 7400 Amps
  • IP ratings up to IP54
  • Up to 150kA 1 sec fault rating

Distribution Boards

  • ALPHA BS I & II distribution boards: - 100A SP&N, 125A & 200A TP&N versions available
  • Integral & add-on metering available (both standard & MID)
  • 25kA conditional short circuit rating (Icc) to IEC 61439-2 on the 200A TP&N DB when used with 5SY8 mcbs
  • Full range of accessories

Metering & Power Management:

PAC3100 Meter: 1-2% measuring accuracy

  • Slim panel mounting and Modbus RTU compatible
  • Basic electrical value readout

PAC3200 Meter: 0.5% measuring accuracy

  • Electrical readout & limit values
  • Profibus/Modbus compatible with easy 4 key operation

PAC4200 Meter: 0.2% measuring accuracy

  • Ethernet gateway built in for remote monitoring
  • Harmonic display & Internal storage for trending
  • Real time internal clock

Powermanager Software: Standalone energy management software

  • Fast & easy commissioning, with data export built in
  • Completely scalable: from simple standard solutions to flexible customer-specific projects
  • Ideal support of power monitoring devices

SENTRON PAC & Circuit Breakers SENTRON 3VL / 3WL

  • Communication simple via standard ethernet
  • Pre defined reports ie: by cost centre

LV Power

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