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ABB Power Quality - Power Factor Correction Solutions

Power Factor Correction- ABB - Power Quality - Purpose Built Facility

Power quality is a major concern for utilities, industry, commerce and transport.

Power quality issues can cause hours of downtime, lost productivity, low energy efficiency and potentially the need to prematurely repair equipment.

ABB offers a complete power quality service for networks from low (LV) to high voltage (HV), including site surveys and consultancy to diagnose power quality issues, as well as the power factor correction (PFC) and active harmonic filtering equipment to resolve problems.

Why poor power factor (PF) matters to you

A site’s Power Factor (PF) is the ratio between the useful work done by a site to the total energy consumed.

It is a measure of energy efficiency and ideally should be one (unity), although is often much lower – sometimes down to 0.5. Low PF also impacts network reliability and uses up capacity that could otherwise be used to support new loads.

ABB’s specialist technicians can visit customer sites across the UK to carry out a free, no-obligation site survey and make recommendations for Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment.


Harmonic currents can cause unacceptable disturbances in your supply network and adversely affect the operation of electrical equipment. ABB’s power quality specialists can carry out harmonic studies of the network.

If harmonics are present, we offer suitable capacitor and active filter solutions.

Power Quality Solutions

ABB has a range of well-proven PFC solutions based on capacitor banks which are ideal to provide a fixed or stepped PFC solution. In addition, it offers dedicated passive and harmonic filters.

However, some applications are experiencing rapid changes to PF at the same time as harmonic currents and imbalanced loads.

As a result, ABB has launched the new PQ range of multi-functional power quality solutions that provide variable, fast, smooth and accurate compensation for power quality problems.

  • Easy to install with options for a wall-mounted, standalone cabinet or a module to integrate into a panel
  • Enhanced wireless communication features
  • Compact size makes them ideal for applications where space is scarce
  • PQflexC for stepless & variable power factor control
  • PQdynaC for ultra-fast reactive power & load balancing
  • PQactiF for active harmonic filtering of up to 25 harmonics simultaneously
  • PQstorI energy storage inverter
  • PQoptiM as well as control & monitoring of power quality parameters

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