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MNS is an industrial low voltage switchgear and motor control centre platform suitable for all applications such as metal, pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, power plants, offshore and marine installations, as well as where the requirement is to guarantee maximum safety standards, together with plant availability, flexibility and maintenance simplicity.

Footprint optimisation is guaranteed by the possibility of having both front and rear access configurations, with or without stacked air circuit breakers. Wall standing and back-to-back installations complete the offer. The MNS platform is designed to comply with maximum safety standards to minimise personnel risks, even in case of incorrect operations with both passive and active protections.

MNS Digital

MNS Digital is a scalable, modular, low voltage smart switchgear with connected intelligent features that enable remote operation, monitoring and condition-based maintenance.

MNS Digital can connect to the ABB Ability cloud platform and also to a local SCADA system. Fully leveraging ABB Ability, MNS Digital offers customers insights into their operation by making data and information available to any connected device or plant.

MNS Digital can connect to the ABB Ability platform via the MNS Digital smart devices in the switchgear. The uploaded signal data can then be interpreted by applying Big Data methods. This will enable predictive capabilities, so instead of post-mortem analysis, ABB Ability enables higher availability and optimised operating cost.


MNS-Up innovation integrates uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and switchgear technologies into a single and compact system. The system comprises ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS and ABB’s MNS switchgear with Emax2 circuit breakers. MNS-Up’s modular design expands in 100 kW steps so that companies just pay as they grow. Each frame of the system can support up to five 100 kW UPS modules and up to six frames can combine to provide 3 MW of backup power supply. For more power, further systems can be installed in parallel.

ABB can install MNS-Up in whatever configuration works best in the space available – L-shape, U-shape, straight lines or back-to-back – and all without external bus ducts or cables. By integrating proven UPS and switchgear technologies into a single, modular system, MNS-Up saves space, time and money.

MNS-Up enables users to save up to 10% capital in electrical infrastructure. It requires up to 30% less space compared to traditional architectures and can be up and running as much as 20% faster due to reduced installation and commissioning time.

MNS PDU / MNS Compact

Based on the MNS front access design, key to the success of the ABB PDU is the flexibility it provides to the Data Centre Operator by allowing Single Pole Solid Neutral (SPN), Single Pole Switched Neutral (SPSN), 3 or 4 pole modules of different current ratings to be mixed and matched in the same PDU. Safe working whilst live removes the need to power down even when adding, removing or extending the number of outgoing ways.

When the process of the Data Centre changes, the PDU can change with the process; this flexibility provides huge operational cost savings.

ABB PDUs have been in service for over 25 years and during this time they have been re-configured to meet the ever-changing needs of the Data Centre Operator.

Commercial Switchgear

ABB is completing its portfolio with sub distribution switchboard solutions designed to optimise cost and dimensions for all the lower performance requirements.

Package Substations

ABB places emphasis on packaging the key elements of an installations power requirement such as MV Switchgear, Transformers and LV Switchgear. By utilising low energy and compact devices housed in systems that are tried and tested to the latest national and international standards, ABB can offer solutions to meet the most stringent of power requirements including Packaged and Containerised solutions.

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ABB Distribution Solutions MNS Switchgear ABB Distribution Solutions MNS Switchgear ABB Distribution Solutions MNS Switchgear ABB Distribution Solutions MNS Switchgear

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