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Piller UK - IP-System™ & DRUPS Application Guide

IP-System™ - UPS - IP-Choke - UNIBLOCK™ - UBTD+ - Dual Output - Critical Bus

Piller IP-System™

The Piller Isolated Parallel System (IP-System) reflects a new design concept in the area of UPS topologies, which overcomes certain disadvantages of the conventional UPS configurations (i.e. N+x & N+N), yet merges their advantages into a highly reliable system topology. This topology is available at both LV and MV and allows repeated paralleling of UPS modules with the benefit of automatic load sharing and high operating efficiency, while ensuring sufficient fault isolation between the individual units.

In such an IP-System, each UPS is connected to a common bus (IP-Bus) by a 3-phase choke (IP-Choke), designed to limit fault currents to an acceptable level but provide sufficient load sharing at the same time. Each load is related to an individual UPS and is directly connected to the output of the UPS.

Due to its load sharing capability, an IP-System is typically designed in an N+x redundant configuration, reducing the number of redundant units to a minimum, whilst keeping the operating point of the UPS at a high level on the efficiency curve. The Isolated Parallel System provides an exceptional method of combining the features found in Isolated-Redundant and Parallel-Redundant UPS configurations: shared redundancy among UPS modules and output bus fault isolation in a large, multiple output, paralleled UPS System. What also distinguishes the IP-System is the excellent maintainability and the outstanding fault tolerance, ensuring a highly reliable and robust power distribution for various power critical applications.

UNIBLOCK™ UBTD+ Diesel UPS - Operation

In normal operation, the load is fed via the coupling choke. The special design of the coupling choke allows a high level of decoupling between the input and output, and blocks all harmonics and transient events between the input and output.

The coupling choke is tapped with the UNIBLOCK™ machine. The generator winding of this synchronous machine ensures the output voltage is kept constant irrespective of the mains voltage. The generator winding feeds the loads with dynamic response similar to an ideal AC supply. Peak currents and high short circuit current (up to 18 times nominal current) can be supplied by the UNIBLOCK™ machine, even in the event of a mains failure. In the event of a mains failure, power flows from the POWERBRIDGE™ (rotating kinetic energy store) or battery to the load via the UNIBLOCK™ machine.

If the mains does not return then the diesel starts and comes up to speed. The overrunning clutch then closes and the load is ramped on to the diesel from the POWERBRIDGE™ / battery providing a soft load transfer. The POWERBRIDGE™ is then fully recharged and thus enables the full stabilisation function (i.e. the POWERBRIDGE™ will stabilise the output frequency during load steps on and off the diesel by providing power or absorbing power as required). On restoration of the mains, the output voltage is synchronised to the mains and the input breaker closes and the diesel is shut down.

UNIBLOCK™ UBTD+ Diesel UPS - Dual Output Operation

In the basic form, the Piller UNIBLOCK UBTD+ provides 100% of its available output as continuous Uninterruptible Power. However, it is available in alternative forms whereby the power can be split between UPS (Critical Bus) power and Essential Bus, like a standby generator – this form is known as Dual Output Bus.

Depending upon the particular design requirements, it is sometimes necessary or desirable to electrically isolate the short break loads from the Critical Bus – this is known as Dual Output isolated bus. In this configuration, the generator winding provides the Critical Bus source and the motor winding of the UNIBLOCK™ machine becomes a generator for the Essential Bus.

The two circuits are isolated by virtue of the transformer action between the windings and so the two outputs are electrically isolated. In other circumstances, it can be preferential to use the same alternator for both supplies, particularly in MV solutions. This flexibility is uniquely available with the UNIBLOCK™ UBTD+ system.

Coupled with energy storage and the ability to configure a massive UPS system of up to 20 MW in low voltage, the IP-System is particularly suited to applications where minimising space and maximising return on investment are high priorities. Reducing the number of redundant units to the minimum and avoiding units running in standby makes the IP-System a green solution and a good choice, if an environmentally friendly and ecological power supply is desired.

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Dual Output UPS

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