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Piller UK - UNIBLOCK™ UPS Application Guide

UNIBLOCK™ - UBT+ - Rotary UPS - Sinusoidal Voltage - UBR Hybrid - Thyristor Switch

UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ Rotary UPS - Operation

In normal operation, the load is supplied via the choke, with the Piller UNIBLOCK™ machine operating in parallel via the central tapping of the choke. The generator winding of the UNIBLOCK™ machine supplies the load with the same dynamic characteristics as an AC supply system.

In the event the supply falls outside the input characteristics, the input contactor opens, and the module is supplied from the energy store via the UNIBLOCK™ machine.

The choke acts as a filter preventing the transmission of harmonics to the mains from the load and vice versa. The UNIBLOCK™ generator windings are used to supply reactive current, improving the UPS input power factor.

The generator of the UNIBLOCK™ machine can supply peak currents without being limited by the current ratings of additional semiconductors. The impedance of the generator – which is like that of the AC line – delivers a short-circuit current of up to 18 times the rated current without switching back to mains (even when operating in energy storage mode).

The UNIBLOCK™ machine generates a sinusoidal voltage so no power capacitors are necessary for commutation or filtration. The brushless excitation of the motor/generator is provided by an exciter mounted on the shaft and the generator voltage is electronically regulated.

The technology, combined with no capacitors and control redundancy, makes the UNIBLOCK™ system one of the most reliable UPS available.

In addition, since the UPS operates via the choke, it achieves efficiencies up to 97% and improved efficiencies at partial loads.


Piller’s PB60+ the world's largest kinetic energy storage devices for UPS applications. Following the addition of the PB60+, the existing range of Piller kinetic energy storage systems extends from 3.6MJ to 60MJ. The company has a strong record of manufacturing kinetic energy storage over the past 20 years and now has more than 7,200 units installed around the world.

The POWERBRIDGE™ PB60+ is a highly compact, efficient and practical replacement for conventional batteries. The unit can deliver power above 3MW and provide 1MW of electrical power for over 60 seconds. This extraordinary achievement with very low losses and a minimal maintenance.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Floor Space – Up to 90% can be saved when compared to batteries
  • Temperature range – A wide environmental specification means that air conditioning is not required
  • Maintenance efforts – Bearings are greased automatically from a reservoir
  • Life time > 20 years

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Hybrid Rotary UPS

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