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Hitzinger - Dynamic Diesel UPS Technical Data

Dynamic Diesel UPS - DUPS - Coupling Choke - Harmonic Filtering - Power Factor Correction

Available Standard Specification (*The DUPS solution can be tailored to site specific requirements)

The input stabilising filter system also includes the coupling choke; this connects the input grid supply with the UPS high quality output supply. It allows large voltage differences between both AC systems by means of reactive currents for any direction, independent of the active power flow. The special design of the choke provides a high degree of decoupling in both directions between the input and output.

The input current consists only of the sinusoidal fundamental waveform required for power transfer. Likewise, harmonics and transients in the input voltage have no effect on the quality of the output voltage. This independence is achieved through the calculated combination of the coupling choke high impedance characteristics to harmonic currents and the special design synchronous machine windings and selective damper cage representing a short circuit to these harmonics preventing reflection to the mains supply.

Hence the coupling choke provides:

  • Static & Transient voltage decoupling of the input mains & the UPS Bus
  • Harmonic Filtering
  • Input load levelling irrespective of 100% unbalanced output load
  • Input power factor correction >0.98 from 0-100% load at nominal voltage

In the event of input short circuit, the current flow towards the grid network is limited by the choke at >200% I nominal until the input in disconnected. During this transient situation, the coupling choke maintains the UPS bus voltage and ensuring all kinetic stored energy can be fully utilised for supporting the critical load.

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