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SHM Metering - Interactive Tools

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XLeMs - Excel-Based Energy Monitoring Software

Download XLeMs Software

XLeMs provides a simple, easy to learn and use Energy Monitoring System for collecting data from SHM Loggers. Reports are generated directly as Excel workbooks, allowing the user to present the data in the required format using familiar Microsoft Office tools.

XLeMs can also schedule reports automatically, send reports via Email or FTP and export charts to your website.

SHM Online - Hosted remote Automatic Meter Reading service

Download SHM Online Software

SHM Online can remotely read a number of different types of tariff meter via the mobile network using GPRS. Meter readings can be accessed via the Internet using a Web Browser.

Readings are presented as tables or graphs and can also be downloaded manually as CSV files or sent automatically via Email.

Logger Utilities


This is a utility to read and modify the configuration of any standard SHM logger (DL4, UL8, UL24).

SHM loggers are versatile devices that can be tailored to a wide range of applications. All the logger's operating parameters are stored within the logger in non-volatile memory (i.e. the information is retained, even when the logger is un-powered). It is these parameters (known as the logger 'Personality') that can be programmed by UCOMM.


This is a utility to read historic data from a standard SHM logger and append it to a file in "DF2" format. This file can be subsequently imported into Stark Reality energy monitoring software. This is useful if it is not possible to interrogate the logger directly from the Stark Reality host.


This is a utility to read historic data from a standard SHM logger and store it in comma-separated-variable (CSV) format. This file can be read by a spreadsheet or database program. Support files are also provided to assist in using Excel to produce charts from the raw data.

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