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SIG Design & Technology Datasheets

Flat Roof Specifier Checklist

Flat Roof Specifier Checklist

Follow these steps to identify the key issues for your waterproofing project. Use your answers to discuss the issues with your roofing specialist, saving you both time

Rhepanol PIB single ply (made from polyisobutylene) is the most eco-friendly membrane in the world and comes with a full Life Cycle Assessment.

Rhepanol fk

Rhepanol® fk Datasheet

Rhepanol fk is made of polyisobutilene (PIB), with a prefabricated self sealing edge and an integrated synthetic fleece backing.

Rhepanol hg

Rhepanol® hg Datasheet

Rhepanol hg is a roofing membrane made of polyisobutylene (PIB), DIN EN 13956, and a waterproofing membrane made of polyisobutylene (PIB), DIN EN 13967.

Rhenofol PVC membrane is versatile, plasticised PVC that’s been proven to be reliable over three decades. It is suitable for both cold and warm roof construction over profiled metal, concrete and timber deck.

Rhenofol cg Datasheet

Rhenofol® CG Datasheet

Rhenofol CG is a product made of non-rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), a roofing membrane with glass fleece reinforcement according to DIN EN 13956.

Rhenofol cgv Datasheet

Rhenofol® CGv Datasheet

Rhenofol CGv is composed of the Rhenofol CG roofing membrane with an initial thickness of 1.2 mm or 1.5 mm and a 200 g/m2 polyester fleece thermally laminated onto the underside.

Rhenofol cv Datasheet

Rhenofol® CV Datasheet

Rhenofol CV is a product made of non-rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), a synthetic fibre reinforced roofing membrane according to DIN EN 13956.

Rhenofol Technical Manual

Rhenofol® Technical Manual

The roofing membrane with widespread advantages Particularly efficient and economic application - Resistant to UV radiation and weathering - Proven long-term durability all over the world...

Green Roofing provides a wide range of benefits to the built environment and they are generally defined as being either ‘extensive’, ‘biodiverse’ or ‘intensive’, terms that indicate their functional use.

Green Roof Systems Overview

Green Roof Systems Overview

The vegetating of a roof surface is described under a number of generic terms: ‘brown roof’, ‘biodiverse roof’, ‘living roof’ etc. Each has evolved from the original terminology ‘green roof’...

LiveRoof Lite Datasheet

LiveRoof Lite Datasheet

LiveRoof® Lite provides a fast effective method of creating an extensive sedum based green roof without the need for specialist installation knowledge or tools.

Zinc & Copper by SIG is fully owned by SIG plc, a FTSE 250 organisation that focuses on delivering market leading solutions to the construction industry.

SIG Zinc & Copper Properties

Zinc & Copper Properties Datasheet

SIG deliver a complete and impartial design and supply service built around its Zinc and Copper products enabling optimal performance of  roof and façade requirements.

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