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Continuous Learning Provided by Zip-Clip 'Club 35'

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Accredited CPD’s:

Wire Support Solutions – The Alternative to Threaded Rod Zinc Whiskers – Awareness, Understanding and Dealing with the Problem The Environmental Benefits of Wire Rope Suspension Solutions (Accreditation Pending)

Scheduled Online Courses for 2021...

23rd June - Zinc Whiskers – Awareness, Understanding and Dealing with the Problem.

25th August - The Environmental Benefits of Wire Rope Suspension Solutions (Accreditation Pending).

Other courses offered by Zip-Clip:

26th May - Reducing Prime Costs of Services Suspension Installations.

28th July - Material Finishes of Services Containment Solutions, to be held online on .

29th September - Cable Management Systems.

Other courses offered by Zip-Clip:

  • Reducing Prime Costs of Services Suspension Installations
  • Material Finishes of Services Containment Solutions
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Zinc Whiskers - Awareness, Understanding and Dealing with the Problem

Zinc Whiskers - Awareness, Understanding and Dealing with the Problem

For many working on projects associated with data centres or in areas where the secure storage and distribution of computerised data is critical, the issue of zinc whiskers may be all too familiar. Put simply, zinc whiskers are a crystalline structure which grows to form fine hair-like filaments. They can potentially form on any metal which has an electroplated or galvanised surface containing zinc. The whiskers are actually tiny conductive filaments of zinc typically measuring less than a few millimetres long and only a few thousandths of a millimetre in diameter. Zinc whiskers have the potential to wreak havoc in a data centre environment or server room being able to work their way into the innermost micro-components of computer systems and other electronics resulting in short circuits, and even uncontrolled system resets. The really tricky aspect of zinc whisker contamination, however, is that they can leave no evidence in their wake as they are usually vaporized by the very same short circuits that they cause – the ultimate stealth attack!

The presentation addresses in more detail what zinc whisker are, what causes them to form and from what source they originate. Understanding the level of risk posed requires understanding of the point at which zinc whiskers actually become a risk and case studies are used to provide evidence to qualify this and illustrate the potential damage such an occurrence can present.

  • Discipline:
  • Architectural / Electrical / Mechanical / Data Centre /
  • Location:
  • TBC
  • Duration:
  • TBC
  • Accreditation:
  •    CIBSE CPD Accreditation

Wire Support Solutions - The alternative to threaded rod – Innovate don’t replicate

As the construction industry becomes more focussed on installing products which offer performance, meet demanding safety standards and save money and time on site, we as manufacturer’s are obliged to ensure that architects, consultants, engineers and installers are presented with the correct options for consideration.

The content of this presentation addresses the issue of suspending services. For many years brackets fabricated from steel rod and channel have been used to carry services on projects, often with a “cut and paste” approach that they always work. We aim to address this with the information contained within the presentation which includes:

  • Looking at the traditional solution
  • Considering the wire rope alternative
  • The performance characteristics of the wire rope solution, construction and tensile strength
  • The practical and commercial benefits the solution provides, reducing prime cost
  • The material selection process, what the material options are
  • The various fixing solutions to the fabric of the building, how to maximise the system integrity and minimise the visual impact
  • Catenary solutions carrying services over large spans or cables within service corridors
  • BS7671 – 18th Edition 521.10.202, the safe support of cables in the event of a fire
  • Fire rated wire solutions, From F30 to F120
  • Addressing the issue of vibration within the bracket solutions.
  • Seismic bracing. What are the criteria?
  • Environmental benefits, reduced material content, reduction in embedded carbon
  • Technical support and accountability, complete peace of mind from concept to completion
  • Building Information Modelling, the information available in the required format.



The objective is to provide sufficient information to those involved with the design, specification and installation of building services and other suspended systems to allow them to replace threaded rod with wire rope safe in the knowledge that they will be installing a fully accountable system which will benefit them both practically and commercially by its use.

The presentation will be of interest to engineers and installers who are tasked with meeting shorter delivery dates on ever reducing budgets. Persons new to the industry and those who have many years of experience will benefit from receiving this presentation.

Please contact Tim Brown via the contact form below to arrange for this CPD to be presented

  • Discipline:
  • Architectural / Electrical / Mechanical
  • Location:
  • TBC
  • Duration:
  • TBC
  • Accreditation:
  •    CIBSE CPD Accreditation

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