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Schneider Electric - CPD Seminar Information

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Construction CPD Accreditation

All Lunch and Learn CPD Seminars conform with the following:

Accreditation: CPD Certified

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

Location: your offices - lunch is provided

For the UK Market ONLY

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in Energy Management offer a range of training to support your continuing professional development (CPD) through lunch and learn sessions within your premises.

Please review the lunch and learn courses below:

An Overview of Primary Distribution Switchgear

This Seminar provides an overview of primary distribution switchgear and its construction.

An Overview of Secondary Distribution Switchgear

Seminar provides an overview of secondary distribution switchgear, its construction and typical protection used.

An Overview of Medium Voltage Switchgear

Seminar provides an overview of MV switchgear, and the types of components that are incorporated into the switchgear cubicle. The presentation also includes internal arc and how that affects the design and safety of operators.

An Overview of Medium Voltage Distributions Networks

Seminar provides an overview of MV distribution networks, and which type of switchgear, and appropriate protection that could be used.

Cascading and Discrimination

Seminar addresses the co-ordination techniques as specified by BSEN 60947-2 and gives a better understanding of cascading, discrimination and limitation effects of circuit breakers.

Eco Design Regulations of the EU

This seminar examines the transformer evolution and design, and answers questions raised by EU Eco regulations. It addresses the Eco issues affecting the whole supply chain from manufacturer to end user.

Electronic Trip Units

This seminar explores the advantages of Electronic Protection over the more traditional Thermal/Magnetic in association with MCCBs & ACBs

Forms of Separation

This seminar describes the ways in which we define barriers in Electrical switchboards.

Harmonics and their Mitigation

This course provides an overview of harmonics and their generators, current and voltage distortion, harmonic mitigation, applicable standards and summarises the course content.

MV/LV Network Co-ordination

Seminar provides an understanding of the systems used in UK networks. It will provide information on the types of protection available, their limitations and the issues around grading across a distribution transformer with the LV Network.

Power factor correction and application

This course explains power factor, how power factor corrections works, its typical applications, the benefits and how to select the correct solution and a summarises the course content.

Smart Switchboards

This seminar is designed to overview energy usage within Commercial and Industrial Buildings and technologies that can enable energy and asset management information to be collated from standard installations through the use of intelligent “Smart” products

Surge Protection Parts 1 and 2

This course explains the fundamental design criteria for the correct selection and installation of Surge protection devices

Voltage Optimisation

Seminar provides an introduction into LV voltage optimisation; its design, application, implementation and impact.

Energy Management

Operational efficiency in critical power environments such as data centres, hospitals, airports & manufacturing facilities