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Entrance Flooring Systems

CS Pedisystems® Entrance Matting solutions keep the entrances of commercial and public buildings safe and beautiful, and help to reduce interior maintenance costs. All products are easy to maintain, offer excellent appearance retention, moisture absorption, and are BS 8300:2001 compliant.

The range includes:

CS Pedigrid®

Designed exclusively for recessed installations, this system of removable aluminium grille sections allows water, dirt and snow to fall between the heel proof treads into a 44mm deep well below. Recommended for applications where high footfalls are to be expected, it is available in a range of tread and colour options.

CS Pediluxe®

A 17mm deep aluminium profile system combining rugged construction with a luxury ‘feel’ underfoot. Offering an exceptional load bearing capability in excess of 500kgs/wheel, CS Pediluxe is ideal for high volume areas such as shopping centres, hospitals and passenger termini, and can be recess or surface mounted. A wide range of tread and colour options is available, as well as a brass rail version (CS Pediluxe Gold) offering great quality and appearance.

CS Pedimat Ultra®

An elegant, slimline and economical entrance matting, suitable for medium to high use areas such as busy offices, surgeries and schools. With its 11mm slim depth profile the system will fit in a standard matwell, or can be surface mounted if preferred.

CS Pedimat®

A perfect entrance matting solution for buildings in moderate use such as offices, shops, hotels and banks. At 11mm deep, it can be recessed or surface mounted, either in a ramped frame or to butt level with a surrounding carpet. The system is available in a wide range of tread, colour and rail finish options.

CS Gridline™ and Gridline Plus™

An architectural stainless steel grid, which will provide years of durable service while maintaining its great aesthetic look. The system comes in two options: CS Gridline (11mm or 17mm deep), constructed from hard wearing grade 304 stainless steel, and 17mm deep CS Gridline Plus, combining stainless steel grid and textile inserts.

CS Helix™ Z1 and Helix™ Z2

An interlocking tile system available in two design options: Helix Z1 - a rubber/vinyl tile, which will scrape off dirt, mud and initial moisture and Helix Z2 – a tile incorporating carpet strips which will absorb dirt and moisture immediately inside the building. The system is very easy to install and can be either surface or recess mounted.

CS Tetras™

Entrance grade clean-off carpet tiles are very efficient at removing and holding moisture and dirt and are easy to install. Suitable for areas of the building where soiling or unusually high wear is inevitable, they can be used on their own, or in combination with a matwell product to extend the dry/clean-off zone

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Construction Specialties UK & Entrance Matting Product Range

Construction Specialties UK & Entrance Matting Product Range

Construction Specialties UK & Entrance Matting Product Range

Construction Specialties UK & Entrance Matting Product Range

Construction Specialties UK & Entrance Matting Product Range

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