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Zip-Clip - Signage Suspension

Acoustic Boards - Zip-Clip - Signage Suspension

We are manufacturers and designers of high specification suspension wire suspension for all your lighting, signage and acoustic ceiling requirements. A zip-clip is a device that allows you to join a wire rope to a desired fixing or anchor point. The zip-clip is manufactured from a high quality zinc alloy. The oil impregnated sintered metal wedge is designed to offer the best locking solution. The stainless steel spring ensures the wedge engages first time. The galvanised high tensile wire rope supplied offers you a better safe working load than those found on the market.

All our engineered suspension products are designed with quality and safety in mind.

Advantages of Using a Zip-Clip Wire System.

  • Key free release system – no tools required for height adjustment
  • Easier to transport & easier to handle
  • 100 metre coil is equivalent to 30 x 3 metre lengths of threaded rod
  • Cold cut, no hot work permit required
  • Vibration reduction
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Aesthetics – low visual impact
  • Reduces individual components e.g. nuts & washers
  • Reduces impact on the environment – less embodied carbon

Different Forms of Suspension

Due to the unique way in which a zip-clip is formed, each device can be utilised to perform a number of different functions. The internal channels within a zip-clip work independently of each other. This allows a zip-clip to be used in a variety of different ways.

Clip Top & Bottom

Zip-Clip’s RIZE system offers the flexibility to customise your own drop length – ideal for long drop lengths.

All-Round Loop

A zip-clip can be used to create an all-round loop. This can be incorporated with a fixing of choice in order to create one full suspension.

As a Stop-End

Because each zip-clip has a flat side across its smallest axis, each device can be used as a stopper unit by feeding the wire through just one channel.

By incorporating a penny washer above each zip-clip, the supporting surface area can be increased. Adjustment can be made by the key free release mechanism. This method is ideal for offering a quick, cost effective and simple solution

In-Line Joint

By following the arrows on each side of the zip-clip, an in-line joint can be created. This can be used to extend a drop length that is too short, or where the anchor point is inaccessible.

Suspended Lighting & Signage

Lighting and signage applications both have similarities in their nature with the main two formats being individual lighting such as high bays and linear lighting such as track or busbar. Many different forms of attachment to lights and signage exist and manufacturer’s guidelines should always be followed with recommended methods of suspensions. Where through-holes or side brackets exist, a zip-clip device can be used to directly link a light or sign to a wire support.

Suspended Acoustic Boards & Systems

Acoustic islands and baffle boards offer a lightweight system that will enhance the working environments of any office space. Zip-Clip offers a bespoke suspension system to match these boards and is compatible with the acoustic islands and baffles. The Zip-Clip spiral anchor is designed for the installation of acoustic panels and baffles. There is also a wide range of methods for fixing acoustic systems to the soffit including Loop-It, Con-Lock, Anchor-It and Thread-It.

Calculation Services

Zip-Clip offers a free of charge Drawing Calculation Service which is proving to be a big success with contractors. To add peace of mind to our already independently tested systems, we also offer an on-site pull test which will be validated and certified by CFA. With so many variants in concrete, this unique free service is very reassuring.

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