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Solar Heating Panels - Heat Pumps - Geothermal - Biomass Boilers - Domestic Ventilation - DHW Cylinder

The global energy situation is overshadowed by the fact that oil and gas reserves will only last for a further 70 years for gas and 40 years for oil, if current developments continue, and these reserves mainly lie in politically unstable regions. Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency is therefore crucial to achieve secure energy supplies, climate protection, energy efficiency and cost stability.

Viessmann has always been at the forefront of high efficiency and renewable energy heating products and manufactures the most comprehensive range of proven renewable heating products including solar thermal systems, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, high efficiency wood burning boilers and heat recovery units, enabling domestic and commercial buildings to benefit from the natural energy, efficiency and cost-savings offered by the environment.

The utilisation of natural energy with heat pumps continues to gain in importance. They reduce the proportion of fossil energy consumed that is required to generate the power used.

Low Energy Systems Design incl Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Low energy and zero carbon housing is set to become the standard of the future. The optimum heating system for this design concept comprises hot water heating backed up by domestic ventilation. With modular platform technology from Viessmann, heating systems can rely entirely on renewable resources or could be easily integrated with a high efficiency condensing boiler and weather compensation controls for the ultimate combination of performance and economy.

System Components Include:

1. Heating Technology:

Modulating and condensing boilers for economic and environmentally friendly heating from 6kW to 15MW.

2. Heat Pumps:

Perfect for exploiting the renewable energy sources of the environment, Vitocal heat pumps range from 4.8kW to 106kW and extract heat from the ground, groundwater and air.

3. Solar Heating Panels / Solar Thermal Collectors:

The Vitosol range of solar collectors comprises flat and vacuum tube panels for very flexible applications. Flat panels are an ideal solution for a neat appearance (either built in or roof mounted) on a perfectly angled roof, whilst tubes can be individually rotated for optimum orientation towards the sun. One version of the tube panel, the Vitosol 200-T, can be installed horizontally on flat roofs. The intelligent Vitosolic energy management system achieves a particularly high level of solar energy yield.

4. Dual-mode DHW Cylinder:

The Vitocell solar cylinder is constructed from high-alloy stainless steel with very low heat loss - around 1ºC every 24 hours

5. Biomass Boilers:

With the recent addition of Mawera and Koeb & Schaefer to the Viessmann Group of companies, wood burning boilers now range from 4kW to 13MW. The Vitoligno 300-P pellet boiler will be launched in the UK in Spring 2008 and, with an output up to 48kW, includes the unique Variopass system that enables matching the heating surface to the prevailing demand.

6. Domestic Ventilation:

Vitovent 300 units can transfer 94% of the exhaust air heat to the ventilation air. The ventilation demand is therefore reduced to a minimum. This system for demand-dependent domestic ventilation uses purified outside air, pre-heated by the recovered heat and meets the demands of low energy and energy-efficient houses.

Heating & Climate Technology

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