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TROX UK - Exposed Ceiling Solutions

Chilled Beams, Fan Coil Units, Swirl Diffusers, Circular Plenums

TROX UK offers product and system solutions to meet many of the HVAC sector needs from air handling units through to terminal air devices and control systems.

TROX is also able to provide a range of products that meet the needs of an exposed ceiling solution. The removal of a ceiling can have a significant effect on the performance of products, but with our onsite testing facilities we can demonstrate product performance to you and the wider project team.

Chilled Beams & Multi Service Chilled Beams

Our diverse range of linear, modular and bulkhead mounted chilled beams provide integrated, discreet solutions for many applications from offices, hotels, residential to industrial. The standard range of beams is augmented by TROX UK’s project tailored multi service chilled beam (MSCB) design capability. These beams:

  • Combine aesthetic flexibility with economic functionality
  • Are highly energy-efficient systems
  • Eliminate the need for suspended ceilings (reducing the building’s minimum slab-to-soffit height to 2.8m)

These bespoke solutions can also incorporate:

  • Lighting/luminaires
  • Public address systems
  • Smoke detectors & water sprinklers
  • Heating and/or cooling
  • CCTV & PIR sensors
  • BMS, voice & data cables

Fan Coil Units

Type PWX range of fan coil units have been developed with energy efficiency in mind and are manufactured at TROX’s Thetford facility. The TROX fan coil unit, attenuator and plenums have all been independently tested and:

  • Are available in 6 sizes to cover a range of airflow from 50l/s to 636l/s, with 16 different fan options & 9 different air flow configurations
  • Can be matched to the available TROX plenum/grille sets for system optimisation
  • As standard, can be supplied with a range of controls from simple single zone (room) control to more sophisticated BMS compatible BACnet controllers
  • Integrated TROX control strategies, including energy efficient VAV functionality, are supplied as standard, however project specific functionality can be programmed upon request

Swirl Diffusers with Circular Plenums

TROX UK offers an extensive range of grilles and diffusers to meet a host of applications. However, not all products transfer to an exposed ceiling application; one of the main issues to consider is selecting a swirl diffuser that maintains the coanda effect with adjacent ceiling finish. If the incorrect product is selected, dumping of air can occur causing drafts and occupant discomfort.

Following testing at TROX UK’s labs we have identified swirl diffusers that will not only meet the high levels of performance and occupant comfort that you expect, but also your aesthetic requirements too.

CIBSE Accredited CPD Courses

  • Air for the People, Water for the Loads - an introduction to chilled beam technology
  • Air Flow Control - an overview of managing variable air volumes
  • Lab Control - managing air within a laboratory setting

TROX UK also offers tailored technical seminars and training sessions at our Thetford site incorporating air diffuser lab demos and manufacturing facility tours.

Exposed Ceilings

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