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Unilit Natural Hydraulic Lime Products

Telling Lime provides solutions in restoration with the Unilit range of natural hydraulic lime mortars, renders, grouts and decorative finishes. These combine the characteristics of porosity, adhesion and flexibility with modern day demands for consistency, ease of application and ‘non-synthetic’ stucco effect render.

Unilit Natural hydraulic lime products have the following characteristics:

  • Replication of the qualities of historic lime mortars assures their compatibility with natural mineral & lime mortar backgrounds
  • Conservation works can be continuous during the winter months with limited protection required
  • Resilience to flooding both in construction & remedy
  • Stability - mortars that do not leach free lime deposits on to the mortar face
  • Tolerance of damp & salts transfer during setting without detriment to performance
  • Consistency - works completed more economically without specialist skills
  • Flexibility - mortars never harder than the substrate to which they are applied
  • Breathability - moisture is evaporated naturally & without time limit from masonry backgrounds
  • Adhesion - lime bonding bridge coats ensure adhesion & compatibility for façade upgrading, negating the need to remove sound renders

Whilst harmful CO2 emissions occur during the production of both cement and lime, lime mortars are burnt at a temperature of 900°C and cement at >1450°C. A study of the lime cycle demonstrates that as much as 60% of CO2 created in the production is retained during the carbonation/setting process of hydraulic lime.


Unilit Natural hydraulic lime is suited for restoration and new build to promote traditional expansion joint-free construction. Lime mortars allow the structure to move as individual elements rather than as a mass. Unilit Natural hydraulic lime products conform to the European Standard ENV-495 for natural hydraulic lime.


Unilit natural hydraulic lime mortars are very vapour permeable and allow the background to breathe and stabilise. A comprehensive range of products has been formulated to meet particular requirements, including a range of traditional lime mortars plasters and renders, which are fully compatible with the historic fabric and are noted for their high breathability and compatible strength and flexibility. In addition, Unilit offers:

Insulation Solutions - Unilit 20 is an insulating plaster and render that eradicates condensation and thermal shock on buildings of architectural or historical importance. Unilit 20 is applied to give a balanced insulation solution, which looks after the original fabric and character of the building, while improving thermal performance and avoiding condensation issues.

Breathable Waterproofing - Unilit 30 breathable waterproofing and stabilising plaster and render is suitable for damp and salts control applications such as in cellars and against rising damp. The unique performance of Unilit 30 gives a solution which is impermeable to water liquid and salts in solution while maintaining the high vapour permeability (breathability) of lime. This allows the background to dry out and stabilise while controlling the movement of water liquid and salts in solution and protecting the decorative finish.

Mortars - Building, masonry and pointing mortars are supplied premixed with the optimum grade of aggregates to give a guaranteed performance. The range includes fine, medium and coarse mortars to suit all masonry applications from conservation to new build in brick and stone. The range also includes Natural hydraulic lime hydrate for blending with local sands. Unilit grouts and mortars are suitable for stabilisation and consolidation works matching the physical and mechanical properties of the original construction.

LIMETICS - Insulated Render

In new construction, the demand for a rendered insulated cladding system that is sustainable of source and made from recycled materials has led to the development of the Limetics system using Foamglas® a 66% recycled cellular glass and our hydraulic lime mortars. Inert, waterproof, non-combustible and highly resistant to impact, the system is particularly suited for schools and public buildings and ecological buildings. Limetics Multipor gives a fully breathable solution which again utilises the performance of Unilit render and adhesives to give an inert, breathable, non-combustible, fully weatherproof system.

Thermal Upgrading of Historic Buildings

The thermal upgrading of solid wall structures and heritage buildings of historic importance creates unsurpassed challenges since overcladding is seldom an option. The only intelligent method of improving the thermal performance of the external walls of these buildings – largely constructed in lime mortar – is to insulate internally, but the natural “breathability” and through-wall performance must be fully evaluated since:

  • Impermeable insulation mediums can lead to severe interstitial condensation
  • The outer surfaces of the building can become cold & damp & thereby subject to accelerated & aggressive weather attack
  • Moisture trapped within the shell of the building can cause mildew & fungal growth
  • Synthetic & impermeable plasters, linings, coatings & decoration are all potential contributors to fabric damage
  • Unilit 20, multipor & wood fibre insulation in conjunction with Unilit finishing plasters give a fully compatible balanced solution which works with the building

Unilit Natural Hydraulic Lime Floor Screeds, Concrete & Bonding Layers

Unilit offers lime concrete, including reinforced lime concrete, structural lime concrete slabs, screeds including insulating or lightweight screeds, reinforced floating screeds, polished lime wearing screeds, bedding and pointing mortars for stone and tiles. These can be laid without expansion or slip joints and prevents differential movement between the floor screed and the walls of lime-built structures. Application without a DPM will allow the floor to “breathe”, with moisture from beneath the screed escaping as a vapour.

Lime Paints & Finishes

A comprehensive range of finishes is available in a choice of textures, from polished to coarse or roughcast finishes, and colours to maintain the compatibility with and breathability of the background. The through coloured finishes give a colour fast, long term decorative finish using natural pigments. The range of decorative finishes include the Corical range of lime paints, lime washes and lime slurry coats all designed to maintain the high breathability of the substrate and give a durable external paint finish or a hardwearing internal finish where the nuances of lime paints come to the fore. Telling Lime provide advice and onsite support in addition to CPD presentations for specifiers who wish to increase their knowledge in lime mortar technology.

Mortars, Grouts & Finishes

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