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Catnic - Stainless Steel Connectors

Stainless Steel Connectors - Fasteners - Nail Guns - Hangers - Timber - Masonry Construction


Catnic’s latest product range is a comprehensive selection of high quality connectors for timber and masonry construction. The new range provides a complete selection of straps, hangers, brackets, fixings and cramps to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of construction types.

Material Specification & Design

Catnic metalwork products are manufactured in accordance with the Construction Products Directive BS 5268, Eurocode 5, ETAG 015 and European Standard BS EN 10346:2009 and G275 for the Specification of Ancillary Components for Masonry.

The products detailed here are manufactured for the specific purposes shown, and should not be used with other connectors not approved by a qualified Designer. A qualified Designer should only make modifications to Catnic products, or changes in installations. The performance of such modified products or an altered installation is the sole responsibility of the Designer. Where necessary our products are CE marked.

Installation Guidance

Catnic provides general guidance on the precise selection and recommended installation of our products. General instructions are supplied in addition to the specific instructions and notes provided for individual products. We recommend all should be considered prior to any installation.

  • Do not overload or exceed the product performance, which would compromise the connection.
  • Install all fasteners before loading the connection.
  • Nail guns may be used to install connectors, provided the correct number and type of nails are properly installed in the holes provided. Guns with hole locators should be used. Pneumatic or power-assisted fasteners may deflect and injure the operator or others, follow the manufacturer’s instruction and use appropriate safety equipment.
  • When using stainless steel connectors, use stainless steel fasteners. When using galvanized connectors, use fasteners that meet the zinc coating specifications.
  • Hangers into masonry walls must have the minimum specified height of masonry above the hanger, with mortar fully cured, before load is applied. Top fix masonry hangers will not carry the design load without specified masonry above the top flange of the hanger. Masonry supported connectors must be embedded into the correct strength mortar as per British Standards.
  • Do not overdrive nails. Overdriven nails reduce shear capacity; protruding nails should always be clinched to avoid injury.


Where structural applications are required we advise that you consider the type of connection and how critical it is.


Determining the type of environment where a fastener will be used and selecting the most appropriate material and coating for the fastener in accordance with exposure type.

  • Dry interior: wall and ceiling cavities, and raised floor applications in enclosed buildings that have been designed to ensure that condensation and other sources of moisture do not develop.
    Prolonged exposure during construction should also be considered, as this may constitute an exterior-wet or higher exposure.
  • Dry exterior: Outdoors installation with minimal exposure to rainfall regular moisture.
  • Wet exterior: Outdoors installations with higher moisture and rainfall exposure.
  • Corrosive: Exposure to ocean salt air, de-icing salts, fire retardants, large bodies of water (e.g. dock boards), fumes, fertilizers, soil, some preservative-treated woods, industrial zones, acid rain, and other corrosive elements.

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