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Waterloo Air Products - Diffusers

Circular Diffusers - Swirl - Jet - Linear - Perforated Face - Floor Grilles

Designed to be installed in various ceiling systems, we have a complete range to suit both performance and aesthetical requirements. Most diffusers are made from aluminium, and can be ordered with or without plenum chambers for easy duct work. Diffusers can be ordered in customer specified colours (PPM/G); standard colour is PPM 9010 (20% Gloss White). This range is complemented by the Aircell range of polymer Diffusers.

Circular Diffusers

Circular ceiling diffusers typically offer vertical/horizontal adjustability with 360 deg throw over a broad range of duties, and work efficiently even without ceiling effect.

  • Styles - louvre, perforated / plain faceplate
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in ceiling / stub duct
  • For offices, shops, large spaces
  • Options - damper, plenum box

Swirl Diffusers

Swirl diffusers successfully combine aesthetics and excellent air mixing characteristics; they are available in a large variety of styles to suit all ceiling types.

  • styles - fixed / adjustable blades, vane / fan swirls, perforated face, concealed
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in ceiling (tile replacer, burgess, tegular) / stub duct
  • For offices, shops, large spaces
  • Options - damper, plenum box, actuator

Jet Diffusers

Jet diffusers are designed to provide long throws and handle high air volumes. They are suited to large spaces, with 360 deg adjustability and a choice of air patterns from a tight, long jet to diffusion spread.

  • Styles - circular nozzles, rectangular drum jet, reversible louvre jet
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in ceiling / bulkhead / stub duct
  • For large spaces - auditoria, terminal buildings, sports halls, factories
  • Options - damper, mounting plate, duct collar

Linear Diffusers

Linear diffusers are traditionally selected for their clean, crisp style and efficient air distribution. Highly versatile, they are recommended for VAV systems and provide high-induction, low noise tailored air diffusion.

  • Styles - 1-8 slots / 1- or 2-way / barrel / continuous or dash-line
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in ceiling / bulkhead / wall
  • For offices, shops, computer suites, laboratories
  • Options - curved, end caps, frames, corner unit, light baffle, equaliser, plenum box, facetted

Perforated Face Diffusers

Unobtrusive yet effective, perforated face diffusers lend themselves to a variety of applications and can be used as supply (adjustable multi-directional terminal) or extract with the same appearance.

  • Style - flanged / tile replacer / canopy / flush / laminar flow / modular
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in Ceiling
  • For offices, shops, halls, kitchens, hospitals
  • Options - fixings, frames, damper, pan adaptor, plenum box

Square & Rectangular Diffusers

From the universal 4-way architectural diffuser to our Luminaire diffuser, our multi-directional terminals are suited for most applications up to 600l/s per 600sq ceiling tile and almost any ceiling system.

  • Style – flanged / recessed / tegular / curved blade / luminaire / polymer
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in ceiling
  • For offices, shops, halls
  • Options – fixings, frames, damper, light baffle, plenum box

Floor Grilles & Diffusers

Floor grilles and diffusers are typically required to meet a variety of requirements in terms of point load, floor system or applications, and Waterloo’s extensive range offers solutions to most situations.

  • Style – circular diffuser, linear / tile replacer, light / heavy / extra heavy duty
  • Supply / Extract
  • Mounting in floor (raised floor, lay-in) / wall / sill
  • For most buildings, particularly data centres, computer rooms
  • Options – corner sections, damper, blanking plate, plenum box, antistatic nylonic coating

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VAV & Diffusers

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Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

Waterloo Air Products Diffusers Product Range

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