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Space Air - Air Conditioning / Energy Solutions

Air Conditioning - ARTCOOL - Multi V 5 VRF - Heat Recovery - ERV - Domestic Hot Water

Space Air Ltd is an independent UK, LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions distributor that have built their reputation by providing the highest level of technical and customer support services for HVAC equipment and allied services.

Supplying the full range of air conditioning and energy solutions equipment that LG manufacture, including the unique and stylish ARTCOOL range, the Multi V 5 VRF system – the only VRF system with dual sensing technology (utilising both humidity and ambient temperature for maximum efficiencies) and the newly introduced, compact Multi V S Heat Recovery system for applications where space is at a premium.

Space Air provides a wealth of environmental control solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Split & Multi-Split 1kW ~ 18kW

You no longer need to be told what your air conditioner should look like. With LG’s revolutionary ARTCOOL Gallery, the user can change the look of their air conditioner by simply changing the picture to whatever they want. ARTCOOL split systems are synonymous with LG, aesthetically designed and styled for functionality winning numerous awards.

LG split and multi-split systems allow precise temperature control from a single room to several rooms at once with a total of 13 indoor units in 40 capacities, the wide range of indoor units include wall mounted to cassettes, concealed units to low wall.

Control the Temperature, Ventilation & Hot Water

Whatever your buildings’ requirements, LG’s VRF systems can provide you with heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water production, or you can simply heat and cool.

LG launched an industry first – 15.5kW cooling/18kW heating, front discharge Multi V S Heat Recovery unit in 2017. Exceptionally energy efficient, the unit can connect to 13 indoor units from one outdoor to provide heating and cooling simultaneously with the option to connect to the LG hydro kit to produce domestic hot water. Designed for small to medium sized spaces, Multi V S Heat Recovery is compact and lightweight with considerable flexibility.

For larger applications, LG’s unmatched Multi V 5 VRF system (22.4kW ~ 268.8kW), equipped with a host of technological advancements including ‘Dual Sensing Control’, that monitors both temperature and humidity levels from inside and outside. LG’s own 5th generation ultimate inverter compressor, improving seasonal efficiencies and LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating on the 4-sided heat exchanger coil, protected to reduce the effects of corrosion and to extend the lifespan of the outdoor unit.

ERV Heat Recovery Ventilation 250 M³H ~ 2,000 M³H

LG’s HRV units feature high efficiency heat exchangers, with strong filters that remove contaminants effectively. ERV can be applied as standalone units or connected to the LG Multi V VRF systems.

Domestic Hot Water

LG’s Hydro kit is an efficient way to recover waste heat from a VRF air conditioning system. The rejected heat from cooling operations and/or absorbed heat from the VRF outdoor unit ambient surroundings, can be used to provide hot water for use in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, radiators, under floor heating, swimming pools or process heating.

For smaller applications LG’s air-to-water heat pump range, known as Therma V, is ideal. Available as low/medium temperature types (5kW ~ 16kW) split system or all-in-one monobloc type or the high temperature split system (16kW).

Monobloc is the true all-in-one heat pump system, containing the plate heat exchanger, water pump, electric heater and expansion tank from factory. The Split Therma V consists of the outdoor unit and the indoor heat exchanger. The outdoor unit can be up to 50m away from the indoor unit which can be placed anywhere in the building as there is no need for a flue.

Therma V systems from LG are inverter controlled, need very little maintenance and are quiet in operation. Domestic hot water can be heated in the tank up to 48°C. It is possible to combine LG Therma V with solar thermal heating. Therma V outdoor units’ aluminium coils are treated with LG’s patented Gold Fin™ acrylic resin treatment for prolonged lifespan and maintains excellent heat transfer properties.

Heat Recovery

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