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LG Electronics - A/C Systems

Air Conditioning - Multi V S - ARTCOOL - EcoV Heat Recovery - Air-to-Water - VRF - Ventilation

Air Conditioning

LG manufactured their first air conditioning unit in Korea in 1968, and has since remained at the forefront of HVAC innovation.

Committed to providing reliable, innovative and technically advanced air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ventilation and smart controls, LG systems offer building users and occupiers a completely efficient and comfortable environment.

LG in the UK offer an exceptional pre and after sales service along with two training academies positioned in the South and North.

Multi V S 12.1kW ~ 33.6kW

Designed for small to medium-sized applications, where outdoor unit location issues hinder the application of traditional VRF or indeed where conventional systems are simply too large or too heavy.

LG can provide an alternative solution through the Multi V S range, which incorporates the fan(s) discharge on the side (as opposed to the top).

There are six units in the line-up with both single and three phase options, with the largest outdoor unit connecting to a maximum of 20 indoor units, the opportunities to “mix and match” are extensive.

Operating range heating -20 ~ 18°C WB, cooling -5 ~ 43°C DB.

  • Lower operational costs
  • Sustainable energy benefits
  • Tenant comfort
  • Individual zoning
  • Total piping length up to 300m (150m longest piping length) & outstanding elevation differences

Split Air Conditioners

High-performance and reliable units, designed for style and functionality, LG single split air conditioners offer an efficient and cost-effective way to create a comfortable environment.

The ARTCOOL range including the Stylist (complete with LED coloured lights) and the wall mounted Libero units come with a 10 year compressor warranty.

Multi Split air conditioning systems from LG allow you to control the temperature in several rooms at once keeping everyone comfortable.

Cassette units come with a range of features, such as wide jet air flow, independent vane operation and auto elevation grille.

EcoV Heat Recovery Ventilation

With today’s concern for maintaining a healthy indoor environment, a safe, reliable, high-quality HVAC system featuring high efficiency heat exchangers with strong filters that remove contaminants effectively, can help your customer enjoy better indoor air – no matter what is happening outside.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

LG’s Therma V air source, air-to-water heat pumps are an affordable and simple to use system that can be installed into any application, such as schools, small retail and offices.

The monobloc system comprises an all-in-one outdoor heat pump unit, or the split type system consisting of an outdoor unit connecting to an indoor heat exchanger unit.

Both types connect to the indoor wet central heating system as with a traditional boiler. It is also possible to combine Therma V with solar heating, taking advantage of free heating when it is available. A tank with twin coils is used in this process.

A/C Systems

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