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Daikin Applied (UK) - Air Handling Units & Chillers

Air Handling Units & Chillers - AHUs - Cooling - Air Cooled Chillers

Air Handling Units

Daikin Applied UK provides standard and bespoke AHU solutions for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. Our AHUs can be customised to your building – with no installation restrictions or design limitations – as air handling units are based on a completely unique modular design, they can be sized to your exact requirements.

Daikin has developed a wide range of air handling and ventilation solutions over the years and are able to offer a diverse choice, from Plug & Play units to fully customised systems designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Wide Range of Air Flows

Daikin Applied has a wide range of air handling systems handle air flow rates from 0.1m³/s up to 55m³/s as standard. The AHU can be adapted to deliver whatever air flow you require, via the specific dimensions of a flow section available at the installation.

D-AHU Professional

Tailored to your needs, always driven for the most cost-effective selection and for optimal performance and can be selected to overcome installation constraints where space requirements of the section “width x height” must adapt to the available space. The system gives the possibility to tailor the unit sizes through increments/decrements of 5cm.

All components can be designed specifically against the requirements with the AHU Professional range fully bespoke to your needs giving the best in design flexibility.

D-AHU Modular

Compact ventilation unit is available in standard pre-defined sizes with high efficiency heat recovery options available with both the Modular R (thermal wheel) and Modular P (plate heat exchanger). With integrated controls for easy installation plug and play solution and air flow ranging from 0.3m³/s to 4.2m³/s.

The Modular series’ Plug & Play design is more than just convenient. It offers cost-saving benefits as there is no need for expensive adjustments before the unit is commissioned. Plug & Play makes everyone’s life simpler, safer and more economical.

D-AHU Modular L

Only requires a clearance of 280mm (up to 0.13m³/s) in height for installation, the Modular L unit has the lowest overall installation height in the market. Thanks to its EC centrifugal fans, overall power consumption is minimised, while delivering a high static pressure, up to 700 Pa, to accommodate the needs of more complex installations requiring extended ductwork. The unit is equipped with a counter-flow plate aluminium heat exchanger, which is fully compliant with accepted hygiene and fire resistance standards. The unit recovers up to 90% of thermal energy and provides filtration classes up to F7/F9 for best indoor air quality condition and energy efficiency.


With all of our AHU solutions, controls are available and essential for smooth and trouble-free system operation and fit with the onsite needs.

We can offer any scope of controls for AHUs including:

  • Supply, fit & wire of complete controls system
  • Fit & wire of free issue controls
  • Fitting only of free issue controls
  • Containment runs & penetrations
  • Supply, fit & wire of thyristor controls only
  • Supply only of controls for fitting & wiring onsite

AHU Spares

Everything from filters, coils and fans upgrades speak to our dedicated spares team on 0345 565 2700 or email spares@daikinapplied.uk for all your Chiller and AHU spares requirements.

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Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd
Bassington Lane Industrial Estate
Northumberland NE23 8AF

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Tel: 0345 565 2700

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