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Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd - Air Handling Units & Chillers

Air Handling Units & Chillers - AHUs - Cooling - Heat Pumps

Air Handling Units

Daikin Applied (UK) provides tailor-made and standard AHU solutions for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. Our AHUs can be customised to your building – with no installation restrictions or design limitations – as air handling units are based on a completely unique modular design, they can be sized to your exact requirements.

Wide range of air flows

Daikin Applied’s wide range of air handling systems handle air flow rates from 0.1m3/s up to 55m3/s as standard. The AHU can be adapted to deliver whatever air flow you require, via the specific dimensions of a flow section available at the installation.

High efficiency components

All Daikin Applied air handling units have been designed for optimum energy efficiency. CFC free polyurethane panels guarantee excellent thermal insulation performance. Filters are positioned for maximum effectiveness, being mounted on sealed fixing frames to ensure filtration efficiency.

D-AHU Professional - Pre-defined sizes

27 fixed sizes optimised to reach the best compromise between competitiveness and manufacturing standardisation.

“Infinitely” variable sizes
Designed to overcome installation constraints where space requirements of the section “width x height” must adapt to the available space. The system gives the possibility to tailor the unit sizes through increments/decrements of 5cm.

D-AHU Modular
Compact ventilation unit is available in standard pre-defined sizes with high efficiency heat recovery (thermal wheel) and integrated controls for easy installation plug and play solution. This offers cost saving benefits as well as making everyone’s life simpler, safer and more economical.

Energy efficient chiller innovations

Daikin Applied chillers include several energy-efficient innovations such as inverter controls, free cooling, heat recovery and high efficiency compressors. Daikin Applied chillers are robust and can be relied upon for the very highest levels of energy efficiency and reliability throughout its life.

Air cooled chillers are most commonly specified and are available in cooling only or heat pump versions. They offer a cost effective, versatile and efficient solution for both comfort and process applications where high performance and reliability is required.

Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers provide highly efficient comfort solutions for small retail projects to large commercial and district cooling schemes. Available with scroll, screw and high efficiency inverter screw compressor solutions with an air cooled capacity range for Daikin Applied chiller from 10kW to 2MW cooling capacity.

Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chillers also provide highly efficient comfort solutions for small retail projects to large commercial and district cooling schemes. These chillers are compact and require very limited space in a machine plant room. Used for commercial or industrial applications, these chillers generate cold and hot water, so can be used for chilling, heating or both simultaneously.

Available with scroll, screw, Turbocor® and high efficiency inverter screw compressor solutions with a water cooled capacity range from 12kW to 20MW cooling capacity.

Service & Maintenance

Daikin Applied national service offers full after-sales support, maintenance and repair for all manufacture brands of HVAC equipment including AHUs, chillers and air conditioning units.

We provide 24/7 engineering support nationwide and can tailor a service and maintenance programme to suit your requirements. Our maintenance program enhances the operational life of the equipment and avoids expensive repairs and replacements. We operate on a four-hour response time, carrying spares on-board to ensure minimal downtime and distributions.

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Daikin Applied AHUs & Chillers

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd
Head Office
Bassington Lane Industrial Estate
Northumberland NE23 8AF

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(Cramlington): 01670 566159
(Dartford): 01322 424950

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