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Daikin Applied (UK) - Air Handling Units & Chillers

Air Handling Units & Chillers - AHUs - Cooling - Water Cooled Chillers

Energy Efficient Chiller Innovations

Daikin Applied chillers include several energy-efficient innovations such as inverter controls, free cooling, heat recovery and high efficiency compressors. Daikin Applied chillers are robust and can be relied upon for the very highest levels of energy efficiency and reliability throughout its life.

Air cooled chillers are most commonly specified and are available in cooling only or heat pump versions. They offer a cost effective, versatile and efficient solution for both comfort and process applications where high performance and reliability is required with a capacity range chiller from 3kW to 2MW. Water cooled chillers whilst not as prevalent in the UK also form a key part of the product line-up. The range is available with scroll, Turbocor® and high efficiency inverter screw compressor solutions with a water cooled capacity range from 12kW to 20MW cooling capacity.

HFO Chiller - R-1234ze(E) Refrigerant

Daikin Applied launches a new generation of inverter driven air-cooled and water-cooled screw chiller series with R-1234ze(E) refrigerant.

  • The Air-cooled chiller range (TZ series) will be available from 130kW up to 830kW cooling capacity
  • The Water-cooled chiller range (VZ series) will be available from 340kW up to 1600kW cooling capacity

The selection of R-1234ze(E) minimises the global warming impact of screw compressor chillers thanks to the low Global Warming Potential in combination with high energy efficiency.

TZ B Air Cooled Chiller

The EWAD-TZ B range is the next generation of air cooled chillers with inverter screw compressor technology. An upgrade from the market leading TZ and CZ ranges, the TZ B now with Microchannel condenser coils cover cooling capacities from 170kW up to 1.1MW, offering outstanding energy performance across the range, with EER values up to 3.9 and ESEER values of up to 5.7.

VZ Inverter Water Cooled Chiller

The inverter screw water cooled EWWD-VZ chiller offers the highest ESEER ratings in its class, minimising running costs and CO2 emissions to make it the most efficient chiller on the market. This series offers a wide range of capacity with single compressor models from 450kW to 1,100kW and the larger dual compressor dual circuit models with an output from 1,200kW to 2,100kW.

4Z for Simultaneous Heating & Cooling

The new Multifunctional series is the perfect answer in delivering a contemporary cooling and heating solution, which is designed to meet what the building demands in the most efficient and sustainable manner. The largest capacity on the market for a Multifunctional unit: up to 1.411kW in cooling and up to 1.415kW in heating at nominal conditions able to provide simultaneous heating and cooling. With a compact footprint and an efficiency in heat recovery mode: up to 8,8 (TER), Multifunctional units can be considered as an efficient alternative to traditional solutions where, chillers are used to satisfy the cooling load and boilers are covering the heating load.

Service Capabilities

  • Full after-sales support, maintenance & repair of ALL brands of HVAC systems including Chillers & AHUs
  • Maintenance contracts provide flexibility both operationally & financially
  • Operating nationally with site dedicated service engineers
  • 24/7 emergency call out service & 4-hour response times
  • Daikin On-Site - remote monitoring via the web on new equipment
  • Retrofitting & refurbishments


Speak to our dedicated spares team on 0345 565 2700 or email spares@daikinapplied.uk for all your Chiller and AHU spares requirements.

CIBSE accredited Chiller CPD available



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 Energy Efficient HFO Chiller

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd
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Tel: 0345 565 2700

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