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Aermec - Chillers / Heat Pumps & AHUs

Chillers - Heat Pumps - Aermec - AHUs - Fan Coils

The Aermec Group is a £250m company with a 55 year history, sales and service covering every continent and 8 manufacturing facilities. Aermec UK, ISO9001 certified, offers expert consultancy, extended warranties, F-Gas compliance, nationwide maintenance and 24/7 service. Aermec’s optimised system solutions are tailored to individual needs, facilitated by the ACES seasonal simulation software and extensive witness testing facilities within Europe’s largest air conditioning test laboratories. Specific expertise includes hotels, hospitals, data centres, offices, residential, public buildings and sporting facilities. UK references include Wimbledon Centre Court, the British Museum, American Express, the O2 Dome, Redhill Data Centre and the Dorchester Hotel.


Scroll, screw, screw-inverter and turbocor units in air and water-cooled configurations are offered with up to 2300kW capacity, with ESEER values up to 8,44 and including refrigerant R1234ze versions. 3 efficiency and 2 noise levels are offered on larger models. Aermec chillers allow Variable Primary Flow and Floating HP operation.

Freecooling Chillers

Applications including data centres and industry will benefit from freecooling chillers, also available in Freecooling Plus configurations. Operation offering freecooling for 96% of the annual cycle is achievable in London conditions.

High Water Temperature (HWT) Chillers

Chillers allowing liquid temperatures up to 30ºC, in combination with the Dynamic Set Point algorithm, allow notable energy savings.

Heat Pumps & Polyvalent units

Aermec heat pumps include heating optimised versions, offering water at up to 65°C and heating at down to -20°C ambient. Air and water-cooled polyvalent units simultaneously offer chilled and hot water with full heat recovery and highest overall efficiencies.

Ducted chillers & Heat pumps

Units featuring brushless EC plug-fans offer high available head pressures in a low energy consumption configuration.

Fan Coils

Aermec, Europe’s leading fan coil supplier, offers every configuration, including ducted, recessed and cassette versions. FCZ, the world’s quietest Eurovent certified fan coil, features an NFC controlled smartphone App. Brushless EC inverter motors ensure power consumptions down to 8W. Plasmacluster ionising air filtration ensures highest air qualities. Aermec Multi-zone distribution plenums allow ducting to multiple ambient's from a single fan coil, with individual temperature control for each ambient.

Heat Recovery Units

Aermec solutions cover every need, including residential and commercial applications and with energy efficiencies beyond 90%.

Air Handling Units

Aermec’s highly flexible personalized solutions cover all application needs, with high energy efficiencies and a robust quality design. Rooftop units are also available.

Data Centre Solutions

Indirect Evaporative Coolers, with Eurovent certified heat exchangers and modular design for roof and side wall installation, offer pPUE values down to 1.023. Data Centre chillers featuring Aermec’s High Water Temperature (HWT) and Dynamic Set Point (DSP) ensure pPUE values down to 1.074. Aermec offers In-Row units and Precision Air Conditioners in chilled water and direct expansion configurations.

Control & Connectivity

VMF (Variable Multiple Flow) integrates heat pumps, fan coils, DHW sources, boilers, heat recovery units and renewable energy sources into a single optimised system. Multichiller allows multiple units to function as a single optimised system, notably reducing energy consumptions. Aermec Connectivity solutions allow remote system control and monitoring, including Modbus, LON and Bacnet.

Chillers & AHUs

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Aermec Product Range

Images top to bottom:
Advanced robotised fan coil manufacturing;
Europe's largest air conditioning test laboratories;
Indirect Evaporative Coolers for Data Centre Applications;
The British Museum, air conditioned by Aermec;
RePuro heat recovery units

AERMEC UK (Head Office)
288 Bishopsgate

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Sales&Support: 0203 008 5940
Service: 01268 206060

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