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TROX UK - Flow Control Units/Systems/Filters

VARYCONTROL - VAV Terminal Units - Filters

Flow Control Units - VAV & CAV


TROX’s VAV terminal units are used in supply air and extract air systems. They work with an external power supply and can be used for almost any control, regulation and shut-off tasks in room air conditioning systems, but most are ideal for systems with more stringent acoustic requirements.

  • Variable volume flows
  • Low airflow velocities
  • Low duct pressures
  • Demanding acoustic requirements
  • Dual duct systems
  • Contaminated air management
  • High control accuracy


Volume flow controllers are mechanical self-powered units for the control of supply air or extract air in constant air volume (CAV) systems and work without an external power supply. A damper blade with low-friction bearings is adjusted by aerodynamic forces so that the set volume flow rate is maintained within the differential pressure range.

  • Provide a high control of accuracy
  • Ready & simple to commission – no on-site test measurements required for commissioning
  • Allow for the volume rate to be set using an external scale (no tools required)
  • Available in a wide range of nominal sizes & are maintenance free
  • Supported by a range of optional equipment & accessories volume

Control Systems - Laboratory Applications

EASYLAB and LABCONTROL are components for tailor-made solutions aimed at the safe and energy-efficient air management in critical areas such as laboratories, clean rooms and hospitals. Because of their quick-response control loops, they can be used for fume cupboards and for room pressure control. Complex room balancing functions and room monitoring functions are likewise possible.

The control systems are individually adaptable to the central BMS, for instance via BUS communication. They comprise VAV terminal units (VARYCONTROL), electronic controllers, monitoring devices, sensors and control panels.


HEPA and ULPA high-efficiency particulate filters for the separation of suspended particles in clean room systems. Used for industrial, research, medical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear engineering applications.

  • H13, H14, U15, U16 critical requirement filter panels
  • Performance data tested to EN 1822
  • Meets the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022
  • Perfect adjustment to individual requirements due to variable pleat depths
  • Low initial differential pressure due to ideal pleat position & largest possible filter area
  • Automatic filter scan test
  • Fitting into filter fan units, clean room work benches, or operating theatre ceilings
  • Ceiling mounted or ducted particulate filter units for critical requirements with ‘Safe Change’ option


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TROX UK VAV Terminal Units

Images top to bottom:
TA Silenzio for extract systems with demanding acoustic requirements & low airflow velocities;
RN for precise control or constant volume flow rates;
TVLK - circular VAV unit for aggressive extract air in laboratories & production facilities;
EASYLAB - plug & play electronic controller;
MFPCR filter panels;
KSFS - ducted safe change filter unit;
TFC - ceiling mounted particulate filter units

Caxton Way
IP24 3SQ


Tel: 01842 754545
Fax: 01842 763051

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