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Panasonic UK - Heating, Cooling & Leak Detection

Integrated Heating & Cooling - Hydrokit - ECOi - Optimal Comfort - EcoNavi - Leak Detection

Panasonic’s Integrated Heating & Cooling Solutions for Hotels

Hotels must manage the demands of their guests, simultaneously ensuring there is sufficient domestic hot water when it is required, and comfortable temperatures in every room. High-performance and efficient air conditioning solutions are essential in order to ensure guests are comfortable, and therefore likely to visit the hotel again and recommend it to others.

Panasonic Heating and Cooling offers fully integrated heating and cooling solutions, designed specifically for the hotel industry. With the a wide range of solutions available on the market for heating, cooling, hot water production and ventilation powered by gas or electricity, Panasonic offers a complete multi-energy solution for ultimate efficiency. The choice of electricity and gas-powered systems means Panasonic can significantly reduce a hotel’s CO2 emissions and energy bills. Thanks to their energy-efficiency and smart functionality, the installation of Panasonic solutions can translate to substantial financial savings for any hotel.

Panasonic understands how important it is to renovate discreetly and minimise disruption to hotel guests. Its solutions enable equipment to be replaced in stages, whereby Panasonic substitutes the various elements without interfering with the normal activities of the hotel. The systems themselves also emit minimal noise when active to ensure optimum comfort levels for guests and staff in the hotel.

Panasonic’s Gas Powered VRF System

Panasonic’s GHP range of gas powered VRF systems offers a comprehensive heating, cooling and hot water solution to hotels, providing the ideal system to meet the requirements of any project, however challenging or niche.

Panasonic’s GHP solutions can be easily integrated within hotels to ensure complete comfort for guests, meeting their needs for hot water and providing a comfortable temperature in the room. The gas heat pump system can run on natural gas or LPG, requiring just a single phase supply, which enables the building’s electrical supply to be used for other critical systems such as refrigeration and lighting. This makes it the perfect choice for hotel projects where electrical power restrictions apply. The Panasonic GHP is an efficient, high performance solution for heating and cooling in hotels.

Additional benefits of Panasonic’s GHP system include:

  • Low Nitrogen Oxide emissions – Panasonic’s innovative new lean-burn combustion system significantly reduces NOx emissions, ensuring environmentally friendly heating and cooling;
  • Robust performance – Panasonic’s GHP system can offer continuous 100% heating and cooling performance in severe weather conditions, in outside temperatures as low as -20°C.

Optimal Comfort for Hotel Guests

Panasonic’s intelligent technology can be used to optimise the comfort of hotel guests. With Panasonic solutions, guests can tailor their environment according to their needs. For example, Panasonic’s new, user-friendly and intuitive hotel remote controller gives guests the power to control the lighting, curtains, blinds and temperature in their hotel room at the touch of a button. This simple but stylish control tool co-ordinates several devices and links to a hotel’s BMS system. It helps improve a hotel’s energy efficiency and empowers guests to adapt their space to maximise personal comfort.

In addition to the remote controller, Panasonic’s EcoNavi sensor helps to enhance the overall guest experience by establishing the right room temperature at the right time. The sensor detects presence in a room and the level of physical activity. This automatically triggers a response from the air conditioning system, which adapts accordingly. EcoNavi improves the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems, switching them off when no activity is detected over a set period. This reduces wasted energy and saves money on bills.

Panasonic’s Leak Detection Technology Saves Hotels' Money

Panasonic has developed an innovative solution – the Pump Down System – to detect refrigerant leaks in VRF systems early on, helping hotel owners avoid hefty maintenance and system replacement costs further down the line. The Pump Down System is ideal for hotels, offices and public buildings and provides complete assurance and protection for end users, building occupants and the environment.

The system continually monitors refrigerant pressures and provides a warning when refrigerant leaks occur, preventing major refrigerant loss and potential damage to the system’s efficiency. As well as ensuring safe and reliable operation, Panasonic’s Pump Down System contributes to a building’s BREEAM points and compliance with the current EN 378:2008 standard (where refrigeration concentration levels must not exceed practical safety limits of 0.44 kg/m³).

Panasonic’s heating and cooling technologies are compliant with national and European regulatory constraints on F-gas usage, which makes the solutions obvious and prudent choices for installers and hotel owners alike.

For more information on Panasonic's heating and cooling solutions for hotels, please visit www.aircon.panasonic.co.uk

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