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Monodraught - Cool-Phase® Natural Cooling & Low Energy Ventilation

Cool-Phase® - Low Energy Ventilation - HTM F+ Hybrid Thermal Mixing - HTM

Cool-phase® is a natural cooling and low energy ventilation system that has been shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, as well as creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

The system uses a thermal energy store utilising a Phase Change Material (PCM) in combination with intelligently controlled ventilation to actively ventilate, cool and heat the building.

The material inside each unit is charged and discharged by passing air over a heat exchanger. Cool-phase® is a unique offering in that it is able to meet building regulation requirements for thermal comfort, ventilation and energy efficiency in a single easy to retrofit system.

Since no compressors or hazardous coolants are used, the system does not fall foul of the servicing requirements and statutory checks required of air conditioning systems, further reducing running costs.

In the summer, Cool-phase® takes advantage of the difference between night and day temperatures. At night, cool outside air is passed through the heat exchanger releasing the heat built up during the previous day and recharges the thermal energy store. As temperatures rise during the following day, warm air is passed through the heat exchanger to provide cooling. The total cooling provided is a combination of the intelligent use of the thermal energy stored within the unit, the effects of free cooling, and night time ventilation.

In winter, Cool-phase® works in reverse, trapping waste heat and using it to warm up cool fresh air entering the building.

Cool-phase® works all year round to ensure a fresh and healthy environment, monitoring temperatures and CO2 levels to automatically determine how much ventilation or cooling is required.

Bournemouth University Science Lecture Room - Case Study

The two Cool-Phase® units installed in the Science Lecture Room used a combined 138.5 KWhs of energy across the logged period.

HTM® F+ Hybrid Thermal Mixing System

The Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM®) System from Monodraught is designed to provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation incorporating mixed tempered air for winter periods with the ability to provide secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows and can be used in single sided or cross flow ventilation strategies.

The system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system coupled with a low energy ventilation system which switches between operational modes dependent on season, external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Designed to meet Priority School Building Programme requirements, the Monodraught HTM® F+ series uses exceptionally low specific fan powers and features an intelligent control system which is supplied as standard with full data logging facility, temperature control and CO2 control.

With the optional BACnet module, each unit has the ability to output key performance data to a central BMS to show compliance within PSBP and PSBP2 guidelines.

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