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CAREL UK - Humidification & Evaporative Cooling

Humidification - Air Conditioning - Cooling Systems - Water Treatment

humiFog Direct

High Pressure Atomiser for Room Applications

Adiabatic humidification is the ideal solution for controlling air humidity and “absorbing” the heat generated by machinery and equipment inside a controlled environment.

In many industrial and conservation processes, guaranteeing the right level of relative humidity increases product quality, helps reduce waste and saves time and energy.

humiFog direct is CAREL’s adiabatic humidification solution for direct room applications. Introducing pure water in very small droplets, which evaporate spontaneously in the air, ensures the right relative humidity level with very low energy consumption.

In addition, due to the evaporative cooling effect, the heat generated inside the room is absorbed, lowering the temperature without wasting additional energy on cooling. humiFog direct is hygienically safe, as thanks to automatic washing of the water lines, only fresh and clean water is atomised and sprayed. Designed for industrial environments, this product combines maximum reliability with low running costs. An effective and easy-to-install system that can be adapted to suit any context, even the more complex.

Control Cabinet

The powerful and high-performance pumping unit can pressurise water to a constant 70 bar, ensuring the highest performance with very low energy consumption. The system can manage up to two different zones with independent set points. The solution is modular and can be easily expanded to cover any humidification load, without limits.

Blower Units

Our new blower units distribute minute droplets of water into the room, right where it is needed. The powerful air flow created by the fans means the droplets evaporate instantly in the air, in all temperature and humidity conditions. Blower unit features:

  • Infinite Combinations: Distribution of atomised water either single direction or bi-directional blower units, from 2 to 8 nozzles, available in sizes 1.45, 2.8 and 4 l/h.
  • Simple to Install: Supplied already assembled, pre-wired and tested. No additional wiring required for control of the solenoid valves. The fastening systems ensure quick and easy installation.
  • Easy Positioning: Ceiling-mounted, ceiling suspended or wall-mounted, to provide optimum distribution and humidity control right where it is needed.


Integration with Building Management Systems via the BACnet and Modbus protocols available on the Ethernet and serial ports. Wireless Sensors for more precise humidity or temperature control in large or complex spaces, Start Up Wizard for easy commissioning and set up, USB Port, Web Server access from a PC or mobile device, tERA ready for monitoring and controlling over a remote connection.

Water Treatment

CAREL has developed reverse osmosis water treatment systems, designed especially for use with its humidifiers.

Demineralised water is fundamental in room applications as filtering minerals and bacteria through the membrane guarantees maximum hygiene. Moreover, using demineralised water minimises maintenance requirements on the unit due to deposits, and prevents salts from building up on surfaces inside the room following evaporation of the droplets.

Books & In-Depth Analysis

Our books provide a valid source of in-depth information on all aspects of air humidification and evaporative cooling, offering detailed knowledge and experience accumulated over years of research, collected and organised in books now available in e-book format.

Easy Installation              Energy Saving              Maximum Hygiene

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Tel: 0208 391 3540

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