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Aermec - Data Centre DSP Controls

Data Centre - DSP Controls - Free Cooling - HVAC - Chillers

Data Centre DSP Controls Optimise HVAC CRAC Performance

Dynamic set point c/w HWT = great performance

Dynamic Set Point (DSP) is a free cooling CW HVAC control solution that is weather compensated and IT load compensated, automatically optimising the chilled water outlet temperature, maximising energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint by ensuring the highest amount of free cooling is achieved all year round. The standard DSP offering consists of one external chiller connected to two internal cooling units. This can consist of varying cooling load outputs depending on your load requirements: We offer 100kW, 250kW or 375kW chiller capacity steps with internal CRAC unit steps of 50kW, 125kW and 187.5kW.

Larger solutions can also be provided with the option for communicating between multiple large chillers. We have raised the bar in traditional data centre CW CRAC free cooling methods, increasing efficiency.

  • A new chiller control algorithm has been developed, affording maximum efficiency across the widest spectrum of operating conditions.
  • DSP not only looks at raising CHW temperatures but also looks at the efficiency operating characteristics of each on CRAC unit board compressor, guaranteeing that each compressor works at its peak performance as opposed to other systems whereby each compressor is loaded up once the full load is reached per circuit.
  • We are able to provide maximum free cooling, by raising and modulating our chilled water outlet temperatures up to 30°C (leaving water temperature) using specially developed compressors.
  • We have specifically redesigned the CRAC unit water coils to cater for Part Load scenarios, overcoming any Laminar flow issues found in some other units installed in this application, not commonly recognised.
  • Part or low load capability enables us to fully maximise the potential of the resilience designed into the system. DSP is aimed at reducing your Carbon Footprint, allowing flexibility with your build out programs and load profiles. Our system follows a ‘plug and play’ philosophy, allowing modules to be added as and when the client IT loads increase.

With pPUE 1.074 figures recorded DSP is not only modular, scalable and highly resilient, it probably is the most energy efficient chilled water system currently on the market.

Data Centre, DSP Controls

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