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Coil Heat Exchangers - BELGRAVIA ECO - MINIB - THERMATILE PLUS - THERMABEAM - Heat Pipes - Trench Heaters

Coil Heat Exchangers

Coils lie at the heart of many industrial buildings and processes.

SPC’s range of heat exchangers include:

Water Coils - Coils for low, medium and high temperature hot water and chilled water applications.

Steam Coils - Specially designed to ensure safe and efficient operation against low pressure steam.

Refrigeration Coils - A range of evaporating and condensing coils to suit all common refrigerants.

Heat Recovery - A pump and run-around coil configuration to capture and re-use your waste heat.

BELGRAVIA ECO - Fan Convectors

Belgravia Eco Fan Convectors put heat where you need it, when you need it. It is the quickest and most cost-effective way of bringing a room up to temperature, ideal for intermittent use rooms with fast and effective heat generation.

The Belgravia Eco units are unobtrusive, with 20% of the wall space of an equivalent rated radiator. Ease of installation, with minimal ongoing maintenance are key design factors of the Belgravia Eco Fan Convector.

MINIB - Trench Heaters

Trench Heaters are the perfect solution for distributing heat while preventing cold draughts in rooms where there are large areas of glass such as hotels, schools, car showrooms, swimming pools and offices. The floor convectors fit into a trench in the perimeter of a building close to the glass.

THERMATILE PLUS - Radiant Panels

SPC’s ceiling mounted radiant heating system offers a simple, highly efficient yet concealed solution to heat almost any room. The ThermaTile Plus Radiant Panels can either be suspended just below a ceiling or fitted into a suspended ceiling, freeing up valuable floor and roof space.

The panels emit radiant heat which warms occupants directly and the air indirectly, resulting in lower heat losses and energy savings. Silent operation and no forced air movement mean a warm, peaceful and draught-free environment.

THERMABEAM - Radiant Conditioning Beams

ThermaBeams are a unique concept for low energy cooling and heating. It is a unique combination of 3 products in 1:

  1. High performance cooling beam using higher water temperatures of 16 to 18°C;
  2. Energy efficient heating sail using lower water temperatures of 40°C;
  3. Acoustic sound raft.

SPC are able to provide a design service to assist with the design and selection of ThermaBeam Radiant Conditioning Beams.

Heat Pipes

Over a number of years, SPC has achieved particular success in selling heat pipe technology in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

In hot and humid climates, heat pipes are utilised to both pre-cool and dehumidify while UK and European use has typically been associated with the employment of the heat pipes as heat recovery devices.

Heat pipes are ideal for inclusion in indirect free cooling applications i.e. data centres etc.

CPD / Technical Seminars

SPC have a number of RIBA approved CPD seminars and a CIBSE approved seminar available:

  • Radiant Conditioning
  • Heat Pipes
  • Radiant Ceiling Panels
  • Radiant Conditioning Sales
  • Energy Conservation with Warm Air Curtains & Trench Heating

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Heat Exchangers

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