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Hot Water Services Engineering in Today’s Environment

Building Engineers actively seek opportunities to reduce energy and increase use of renewable sources of energy. Energy savings in centralised hot water distribution systems are a critical focus for designers as a means to reducing a building’s carbon footprint.

Traditional distribution of hot water throughout a building is the ‘flow & return’ system of recirculated Domestic Hot Water Systems (DHWS).

The return pipework is the means to get the water back to the water heater to be reheated. This cumbersome solution adds significantly to the system heat losses, increasing overall inefficiency of the system.

The increased pipework requirements add to the amount of building materials required, putting additional constraint on packed roof voids and risers whilst adding cost and waste.

The Raychem Hot Water Temperature Maintenance system (HWAT) offers a simple, proven, energy-efficient replacement for re-circulated DHWS.

Rather than recirculating the cooling water to be reheated, HWAT compensates for the temperature loss in the pipe removing the need for return pipework, fixings, and insulation, whilst removing the energy losses of the return pipework.

As a result of the heat loss compensation, the redundant return pipework makes way for other vital building services. Raychem HWAT delivers quality hot water where needed in the most efficient way, and reduces material waste associated with older recirculating methods.

Raychem SaveWatt: Modelling the Energy & Cost
Benefit of a Single Pipe System

Raychem provide a FREE OF CHARGE system comparison based on specific project data. Let us prepare a detailed real project comparison between recirculating and single pipe hot water systems.

Contact us for more information.

Scalable Multi-Application Control & Monitoring

Raychem ACS-30 provides centralised, intuitive, BMS compatible control and monitoring for all building heat tracing systems.

The centralised User Interface Terminal (UIT) is connected to one or a series of decentralised Power Control Modules (PCMs) positioned throughout the building.

The PCM is positioned adjacent to trace heating applications such as hot water services, chiller pipe frost protection, surface snow melting and ice prevention, with the modular solution allowing for phased installation and commissioning of large complex systems.

ACS-30 provides:

  • System performance log
  • BMS compatible
  • Energy consumption data downloadable to Excel
  • Multiple control methods such as line sensing, ambient sensing, Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) & combined temperature/moisture
  • System functional testing capability for maintenance & “pre-season” checks

Carbon Reduction Conservation of Water & Energy Efficiency Through Industry Collaboration

Social Responsibility and Sustainability are vital values for Pentair Thermal Management that go beyond the goal to reduce our carbon footprint across 400 locations by 25% in 5 years. We also strive to deliver market leading, energy efficient technologies and water saving solutions.

Sharing & Developing Expertise in Trace Heating Solutions

Engineers know what they can expect from Raychem products; quality, long life expectancy, and long term, problem-free operation.

With excellence built into our products, we focus on delivering support services for design, installation, site supervision, commissioning and maintenance.

We also provide services including installer training through our “CertifiedPRO” scheme.

  • Free Winter Audit: Is your building ready for winter weather? Let us ensure your building is protected from harsh winter weather
  • CIBSE Approved CPD Courses: Live seminars CPD Logo

10 Year Extended Product Warranty for Total Peace of Mind

End customers, contractors, engineers and facilities managers choose Raychem products because of their unrivalled product quality and performance. This is now supported by an equally unrivalled extended 10 year product warranty. See the “support” section on our website for more information.

Keep It Under Control

Every trace heating solution should benefit from an accurate control solution to ensure optimised temperature.

The Raychem range provides the right solution for the application.

  • FrostGuard-ECO: www.thermal.pentair.com/frostguard
  • HWAT-ECO: Delivering up to 50% energy savings compared with uncontrolled DHWS solutions
  • RayStat-ECO-10: Ambient sensing pipe frost protection control with Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC). Saves up to 80% energy compared with standard on/off ambient solutions
  • VIA-DU-20: Surface snow melting control device with multiple sensor input save up to 80% compared with temperature only control solutions
  • EMDR-10: Roof and gutter de-icing control with moisture and ambient sensory inputs cuts energy usage by more than 50%
  • Multi-Circuit Control Solutions: SBS control panels allow for complete systems control and monitoring within a building, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency
  • Raychem ACS-30: Multiple application, multi circuit modular control solutions. ACS-30 combines centralised control and monitoring with decentralised power and control modules to provide a modular solutions to multi-application heat tracing systems in complex large buildings. Any application, any building, with BMS gateway protocols for complete systems integration and monitoring

Trace Heating

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