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Munters - Dehumidification & Air Treatment

Dehumidification - Humidification - Evaporative Cooling - Plug Fan Upgrades - Psychrometrics

Munters is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies, our expert engineers create the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being food, pharmaceutical and data centre sectors.

Operating in 30 countries and with over 300,000 installations worldwide, our experience and knowledge makes us the trusted choice for your climate control needs.


  • Dehumidification
  • Humidification
  • Direct & Indirect evaporative cooling
  • Packaged & bespoke unit solutions
  • Design, project management & turnkey available
  • Service solutions include installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, upgrades, energy checks, site surveys & through life support

Innovative Technologies

Using either indirect or direct evaporative cooling technology, Munters harness the power of Mother Nature (H²O) to naturally cool data centres of any shape or size.

Munters has a pedigree of proven global installations that demonstrate how we capture nature’s phenomenon of cooling.

Industries & Applications

A snapshot of just a few of the industries we serve and how our solutions benefit our customers:

Food & Pharmaceutical Process – Air treatment and dehumidification improves efficiency, product quality and hygiene throughout production.

Chilled & Cold Storage – Munters IceDry prevents ice, frost and fog from inside the cold store, improving safety. Operates to -25°C.

Data Centres – Cool data centres of all shapes and sizes. Munters Oasis™ Indirect Evaporative Cooler (IEC) achieves PUE’s of <1.2.

Ice Rinks – Desiccant humidifiers remove excess moisture from the air in ice rinks, preventing fog, condensation, mould and rust.

Preservation – Precise and constant climate control within specified bandwidths. Meets BS5454 standards for archive storage.

Utilities/Power Stations – Dry air enables quick start up from standby and reduces risk of flash over in power stations. Specialists in preservation and decommissioning.


Innovative packaged air treatment solutions capable of close control for dehumidification, humidification, temperature and filtration. All incorporating Climatix control with full connectivity.


As part of our commitment to customer service, we are dedicated to service support from concept through to completion and beyond. Our network of experienced, in-house service engineers offer a range of service solutions to suit your individual requirements.

New for 2016 - Plug Fan upgrades

Munters CPD Logo

CPD Seminars

Understand the effects of humidity on materials, products and buildings with Munters CIBSE accredited CPD seminars.

Tailored to suit customers’ needs, these seminars explain the principles of psychrometrics, energy saving technology, dehumidification methods and much more.


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