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Monodraught - Natural Ventilation / Daylight / Cooling

Natural Ventilation - Windcatcher® - Hybrid Thermal Mixing System - Daylight - Cooling

Monodraught designs, manufactures, installs and maintains natural and hybrid ventilation, cooling and lighting systems to create low energy, low carbon, sustainable buildings for healthier and more productive occupants.


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Natural Ventilation

The Monodraught Windcatcher® system encapsulates the prevailing wind and carries the fresh air down into the room below to provide natural ventilation, removing stale air and CO2 from the building.

The Windcatcher® X-Air comes with a 10 year No Leak Guarantee.

The Windcatcher® range includes the classic GRP units which can be manufactured in square, circular and oval as well as feature turret systems. The manufacturing process allows for special bespoke designs and sizes to be provided to suit the exact building requirements.

Hybrid Ventilation

Our Hybrid Thermal Mixing (HTM) ventilation system is designed to provide natural ventilation, hybrid ventilation, secure night time cooling and boosted levels of ventilation during summer.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with natural ventilation provided by manual or automatic windows and can be used in single sided or cross flow ventilation strategies.

The system comprises an intelligent and fully automatic control system coupled with a low energy ventilation system which switches between operational modes dependent on season, external/internal temperature conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ). The optional BACnet module means each unit has the ability to output key performance data to a central BMS to show compliance within PSBP and PSBP2 guidelines.

Mechanical Ventilation

Monodraught’s Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems supply tempered fresh air to any built space, ensuring the correct CO2 levels are maintained whilst expelling stale air.

The systems are able to significantly reduce power consumption and associated building running costs.

Natural Cooling

Cool-phase® is a low energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment. The Cool-phase® system can maintain temperatures within the comfort zone, while radically reducing energy consumption by up to 90%, compared to a conventional cooling system.

Cool-phase® Hybrid is an innovative enhancement that links high efficiency air to water heat pumps with Monodraught’s natural cooling phase change material system.

Natural Daylighting

Sunpipe® systems allow healthier indoor environments, more productive and happier occupants and reduces carbon emissions. A key benefit is the quality of the natural light within the building and the positive health effects on occupants. There is virtually no heat loss in winter months and solar gain is minimised during summer months.

Monodraught Building Simulation

Monodraught have IES Cool-phase®, Windcatcher® and HTM libraries to help architects and consultants.

BIM objects are also available for Windcatcher®, Cool-phase® and HTM. Monodraught also offers a complete design service for our Natural Ventilation, Cooling & Daylighting systems.

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