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Guntner UK - Dry Coolers

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About Us

Guntner UK was established in 1989 to promote and support sales of Guntner group products in the UK and Ireland. Since then the company has built up a strong reputation in the building services and refrigeration markets for quality products and excellent customer service.

As part of a major international heat exchanger group, Guntner UK has expanded the local operation to service a wider range of markets to promote the full capability of Guntner and thermowave products.

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers is here to help with your enquiries and technical support requirements.

We can advise you on the optimal design and installation layout to offer the best technical and commercial solution to meet your needs in a competitive market.

Our contracts and logistics team will see your individual project through from concept to completion, ensuring all equipment is delivered on time and to meet your needs.

Ongoing customer support is assured with our genuine spare parts service and operation and maintenance advice

Dry Coolers

Rugged Units Deliver Performance:

The heat exchanger offering has been developed to satisfy the most demanding fluid and dry cooler applications in climates and conditions worldwide. Rugged weather-proofed units deliver stated capacities and offer longer life than competing models. Low operating costs, long life and low/no maintenance designs reduce total ownership costs and create a competitive advantage for the end user.


Guntner standard units are quiet by design. Low noise models are even quieter and can be selected for noise sensitive environments.

Flexible Designs and Materials:

Since we design, engineer and manufacture our coils and assemblies we are able to offer you flexibility in coil and final design in order to optimize total performance of your system and project.

Modular Design:

Guntner provides more models, material choices, configurations and options than any other fluid cooler manufacturer. We can provide the optimum unit for your application and footprint requirements with choices of horizontal or vertical air discharge, single or double row fans, and vertical, horizontal or V mounted coils. Units can have multiple circuits, multiple passes and can be configured to be piped in series or parallel.

Variety of Heat Transfer Fluids and Special Tube/Fin Materials:

Guntner Fluid Coolers are suited for a variety of heat transfer media from water, glycol-water to brine, oil and other fluids. We have standard models and configurations for standard applications and also offer special material combinations. Let us propose the proper fluid cooler for non-standard heat transfer fluids. We also offer custom circuiting and varying fin spacing.

Optional Accessories relating to Dry Coolers:

  • Repair (On/Off) Switch
  • Extended Legs
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Exhaust Duct
  • Guntner Streamer
  • Control Panels
  • Factory Mounted Control Panels
  • Alternative Fans/Fan Motors
  • Variable Speed Fans
  • EC Fans
  • Explosion Proof Fans
  • Spraying System

Optional Construction:

  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Copper Fins
  • Coated Fins
  • Coil Coatings
  • Secondary Circuits
  • Multiple Circuits
  • Various Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Stainless Steel Tube Sheets and Casing
  • Custom Structural Base / Legs
  • Custom Auxiliary Equipment Enclosure
  • Self Draining
  • Custom Paint
  • Inspection Openings

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Guntner Product Range

Guntner Product Range Dry Coolers

Guntner Product Range Dry Coolers

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