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Greenwood Airvac - Heat Recovery / Acoustic Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation - Acoustic Ventilation - MVHR - Heat Exchangers

Greenwood Airvac was founded in 1879 and today is a market leader in the design. manufacture and specification of SMART ventilation systems for the new build and refurbishment residential markets.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation is a system which comprises a Heat Recovery Unit and a network of ducting which is connected to each room.

From a single unit, located ideally in the heated building envelope, it works by continuously extracting air from the wet rooms of the property and at the same drawing in fresh supply air from outside

The heat from the extracted stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger inside the heat recovery unit which is then reused to temper the filtered supply air for the habitable rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Key Benefits

  • Year round removal of condensation & indoor pollutants
  • A direct impact on the Dwelling Emission Rate required in SAP, helping reduce the carbon footprint of the property
  • Fresh filtered air supplied to dwelling, ideal for allergy sufferers & those with conditions such as asthma
  • A balanced ventilation system for the whole house & recovering of heat that would have otherwise have been lost
  • Low noise, non-intrusive ventilation system – located away from the room, however consideration should be given to duct runs to ensure cross-talk contamination doesn’t happen & the unit is sized correctly so it is not running a high rate all of the time

Acoustic Ventilation

Acoustic Ventilation provides an effective level of replacement air to a dwelling whilst protecting occupants from the transfer of external noise sources.

In new build particularly, noise has become an increasing issue as a result of brownfield re development and density planning requirements.

Homes situated close to busy roads, industrial estates and even airports are in noisy areas, all of which impact on the living environment. If you open a window you don't want the noise - so acoustic ventilation is specified to ensure noise is eliminated but air isn't!

Our Acoustic Ventilation Range

MA3051 - Acoustic wall ventilator - Highest performing acoustic wall ventilator in the UK - the MA3051 is ideal for new build applications where noise planning restrictions are in place. Providing up to 55dB reduction and suitable for wall thicknesses of 140mm and above. Supplied with white external grilles.

AAB - Acoustic airbrick - The classic acoustic airbrick is suitable for new build and refurbishment applications and delivers an acoustic performance of 46dB(A). Provides 2500mm2 equivalent area.

AWV39 - Acoustic wall ventilator - The AWV39 passive wall ventilator is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects and provides an excellent acoustic attenuation to 39dB(A).

EAR42W - Acoustic window ventilator - EAR42W is an acoustic window vent suitable for new build and refurbishment and can be applied to most window profiles with add on sections. Provides acoustic performance of 42dB(A).

2500EA/5000EA - Acoustic window ventilator - Smallest acoustic window vent providing 5000mm² equivalent area ventilation on the market whilst achieving Building Regulations' EA requirements along with acoustic performances up to 45dB(A)

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