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EMCEL Filters - Air Filtration

Air Filtration - Pharmaceutical - Petrochemical - Nuclear Containment

Air Filtration that suits your application!

EMCEL have been manufacturing Air Filters in the South East of England for over 60 years!

We remain dedicated to maintaining our position as the leading UK manufacturer, renowned for our bespoke and standard quality driven solutions in the field of air filtration.

Maintaining engineering excellence whilst introducing new materials and production techniques continues to be our vision, whilst preserving family values associated with our SME Business.

A Snapshot of EMCEL Options…

Activated Carbon Filters

Housings are manufactured to suit customer airflow, space and connection requirements from a range of materials including stainless steel, mild steel and various plastics.

EMCEL currently employs approximately 50 grades of carbon for various applications, including the removal of:

  • Atmospheric Pollutant Gases (e.g. NO2 & SO2)
  • Kitchen / Canteen Odours
  • Chemical Processes (VOCs)
  • Sewage Treatment Works (H2S)
  • Nuclear / Defence Critical Filters

Our honeycomb construction, utilised within our carbon cells, is recognised as industry leading in terms of quality and performance.

For economical / short life applications, EMCEL has also developed a refillable module option.

Storage Tanks

EMCEL has supplied many air filtration units for Greywater, Blackwater and Leachate WWTW storage tanks, as well as HEPA filter units for protection against particulate ingress within processing tanks and CO2 absorber filters for the removal of CO2 from demineralised water tanks.

Fan Coil / Cabinet Filters

EMCEL manufactures high quality, corrosion resistant, bonded filters to any size. Ideally suited to fan coils and enclosures for prevention of general atmospheric dust ingress.

Modern manufacturing techniques allow EMCEL to compete in a traditional, low cost market while offering a superior quality product.

Amongst EMCEL’s other ranges of filters:

  • HEPA Filters - Safe Change, Terminal Units, Cylindrical & Panel Elements
  • Pharmaceutical Filter Housings
  • Critical Nuclear & CBRN Filters
  • Nuclear Filters to Site Specifications
  • Coarse / Fine Dust Filters
  • Hydrophobic Filters
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Air Filtration Carbon Filters Storage Tanks

EMCEL Filters Ltd
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Tel: 01403 253215
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